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To do

#1026156: path_to_theme() isn't clear about which path it returns
8.0.x-devBug reportNormalNeeds workneeds backport to D7documentationsprintNeeds issue summary update
#2229355: Field template suggestions are colliding
8.3.x-devBug reportMajorActivesprintEntity Field APIField APIDX (Developer Experience)FX (Front End Experience)Needs issue summary update
#2326097: [META] Make sure Themers have sufficient docs for D8
8.3.x-devTaskMajorNeeds workdocumentationsprintNeeds issue summary update
#2108771: Remove special cased title_attributes and content_attributes for Attribute creation
8.4.x-devTaskNormalActiveDX (Developer Experience)theme system cleanupsprintNeeds change record
#2160611: Provide {{ item.item.alt }} Twig syntax for getting data from $item['#item']['alt']
8.4.x-devTaskMajorActiveFX (Front End Experience)TX (Themer Experience)minor version targetsprint#drupalgoa2015
#2031311: Exception message when trying to print an object without __toString() in a Twig template is not helpful
8.3.x-devBug reportNormalNeeds workTwig enginesprintDX (Developer Experience)Drupalaton 2014
#953034: [meta] Themes improperly check renderable arrays when determining visibility
8.4.x-devPlanMajorNeeds workmarkupNeeds profilingNeeds issue summary updateneeds backport to D7blockerTriaged D8 major
Assigned to Fabianx
#2489940: Views path with menu tab does not validate and results in fatal error
8.3.x-devBug reportMajorNeeds workdocumentationVDCTriaged D8 major
#2387069: {% extends "foo.html.twig" %} in Twig templates does not respect theme inheritance
8.4.x-devBug reportMajorNeeds workDX (Developer Experience)TX (Themer Experience)Needs change record updatesDrupalWTF
#1804614: [meta] Consolidate theme functions and properly use theme suggestions in core
8.4.x-devPlanMajorActived8dtxtheme system cleanupTheme Component LibraryTemplate consolidation
#2289511: [meta] Results of Drupalcon Austin's Consensus Banana
8.3.x-devTaskMajorActivetheme system cleanupfrontendbanana
#2297711: Fix HTML escaping due to Twig autoescape
8.3.x-devPlanMajorActivesecurityPerfomanceNeeds issue summary updateSafeMarkup
#2052473: Add aria-label or aria-describedby attributes to all <nav> elements
8.3.x-devFeature requestMajorNeeds workaccessibilityariahtml5d8uxfrontendNeeds testsdcamsa11yAmsterdam2014Needs manual testing
#2002606: Allow themes to provide services.yml
8.4.x-devFeature requestMajorNeeds worktheme system cleanupStalking CrellNeeds issue summary update
#2473861: [meta] Create tests for the logic inside themes
8.4.x-devPlanMajorActivefrontendNeeds issue summary update
Assigned to lauriii
#2004872: [meta] Theme system architecture changes
8.4.x-devPlanMajorActiveAPI changeAPI clean-uptheme system cleanup
#2348543: [meta] Consensus Banana Phase 2, transition templates to the Classy theme
8.3.x-devTaskMajorActivefrontendbananaNeeds issue summary update
#1969278: UI for enabling twig debugging
8.4.x-devFeature requestMajorActiveNeeds issue summary update
#2472285: Make theme registry cache collector lazyload
8.3.x-devTaskMajorNeeds workD8 Accelerate Dev Days
#2501313: Discuss how to support non-HTML output in the render system
8.3.x-devTaskMajorActiveNeeds issue summary update
#2571065: Find escaping due to Twig autoescape
8.3.x-devTaskMajorNeeds worksecuritySafeMarkup
#2572605: Update to Twig 2.0.0
8.4.x-devTaskMajorNeeds work
#2579091: Make safe_join Twig filter return a Markup object
8.4.x-devTaskMajorNeeds workblockerDevDaysSeville
#2588303: Stable base theme in core
#2612196: Themes should be able to alter global template variables
8.3.x-devTaskMajorNeeds workTX (Themer Experience)DX (Developer Experience)Contributed project blocker
#2575275: {% trans %} (and other parts of templates) are unable to use URL escaping
8.3.x-devBug reportMajorNeeds workSafeMarkupNeeds change recordD8MIlanguage-uisecurityTriaged D8 majorNeeds followup
#2270883: Automatically add theme hook suggestions for all entity types
8.4.x-devFeature requestNormalNeeds workAmsterdam2014
#1804998: Add LadyBug from Symfony to Core to allow debugging variables within templates
8.4.x-devFeature requestNormalActiveNeeds issue summary update
#2472591: Remove whitespace modifiers from links.html.twig
8.4.x-devTaskNormalNeeds workNovice#dcdelhiDrupalMumbaiCodeSprint16
#2247677: User picture improvements in node template
8.3.x-devBug reportNormalActivedreammarkupfrontend
#2334319: {% trans %} does not support render array and MarkupInterface valued placeholders
8.4.x-devTaskNormalNeeds workD8MITX (Themer Experience)D8 cacheability
#2443815: #description_display broken for details elements
8.4.x-devBug reportNormalNeeds workaccessibilityUsabilityd8uxDrupalBCDaysDevDaysSeville
#2307103: Follow-up: remove explicit comment field theme hook suggestion implementation
8.4.x-devTaskNormalNeeds workDX (Developer Experience)theme system cleanup
#1843798: [meta] Refactor Render API to be OO
8.4.x-devTaskNormalActiveAPI changeAPI clean-uptheme system cleanupNeeds issue summary update
#2020387: Convert "Active forum topics" block to a View
8.4.x-devTaskNormalNeeds workVDCNeeds profiling
#1842140: Remove title and wrapper div from item-list.html.twig
8.4.x-devTaskNormalNeeds workmarkuptheme system cleanupdreammarkupAmsterdam2014needs screenshotsNeeds issue summary update
#2361299: Twig image style filter/function
8.4.x-devFeature requestNormalNeeds workimageNeeds issue summary update
#1338858: Include theme print stylesheets in Book printer friendly export
8.3.x-devBug reportNormalNeeds workneeds backport to D7CSSNeeds testsprint.css
#2380655: Make CSS/JS order with the same weight deterministic
8.3.x-devTaskNormalNeeds workneeds backport to D7
Assigned to Fabianx
#2090967: Extend page.html.twig with html.html.twig
9.x-devTaskNormalActiveBartikStarkdreammarkupTemplate consolidationNeeds issue summary update
#2541440: Add tests for race conditions in Twig template cache
8.3.x-devTaskNormalNeeds workRandom test failure
#2508357: Remove ids from blocks
8.4.x-devTaskNormalNeeds workTX (Themer Experience)DX (Developer Experience)frontend
#2004966: Markup and variable cleanup for titles and attributes in all templates
8.4.x-devTaskNormalActivetheme system cleanupdreammarkup
#2350585: Add support for url objects in templates
8.3.x-devTaskNormalActiveNeeds issue summary update
#1880100: Allow to configure the h3 element for view style plugins
8.3.x-devFeature requestNormalNeeds workVDCphpunit
#2093341: Change the machine name/title of the sidebar regions to something more semantic
8.3.x-devTaskNormalActiveBartikStarkdreammarkupNeeds issue summary updatefrontendhtml
#2372361: Route discoverability through twig debug
8.4.x-devFeature requestNormalActive
#1819284: [meta] Consolidate all form element container templates, and add theme_hook_suggestions
8.3.x-devTaskNormalActivetheme system cleanupTemplate consolidation
Assigned to jenlampton
#2494665: Consider updating Classy's search result markup
#2393329: Replace all drupal_render calls with the service, and inject it, if possible.
8.4.x-devTaskNormalActive@deprecatedDX (Developer Experience)
#2505499: Explicitly support render arrays in hook_requirements()
8.4.x-devTaskNormalNeeds workSafeMarkupNeeds testsNeeds change record
#1973418: Remove tablesort-indicator.html.twig, use CSS instead
8.4.x-devTaskNormalActivetheme system cleanupTemplate consolidationCSSfrontendNeeds issue summary update
#311011: Replace links.html.twig with item-list--links.html.twig
8.4.x-devTaskNormalActivetheme system cleanupVDCTheme Component LibraryNeeds issue summary update
#2318757: Make position of #description configurable via the API for form field widgets
8.4.x-devTaskNormalActiveUsabilityaccessibilityAPI additionSprintWeekend2014D8SVQfrontendTCDrupal 2014Needs tests
#2372767: TwigEnvironmentTest has parts which are pointless
8.3.x-devTaskNormalNeeds work#drupalsprintITrc eligible
#1311372: Use <mark> element for 'mark' theme hook
8.4.x-devTaskNormalNeeds workhtml5dreammarkupSprintWeekend2016SprintWeekendBOSNeeds issue summary update
#1685492: Convert theme engines into services
8.4.x-devTaskNormalNeeds workPlugin systemTwig engine
#1972786: Improve test coverage for theme output
8.3.x-devTaskNormalNeeds workNeeds tests
#1590150: Add ArrayAccess support to drupal_render()
8.4.x-devTaskNormalNeeds workNeeds tests
#1849712: Add theming template and prepare logic for rendering icons
8.4.x-devFeature requestNormalActiveUsabilityNeeds testsDrupal core hooksaccessibilityiconscoding standardsWeb Design Standards
Assigned to markcarver
#1696760: TwigExtension: Filters and Functions
8.4.x-devPlanNormalActiveDX (Developer Experience)Twig engine
#2361265: Cannot Target Specific Image in Twig
8.3.x-devBug reportNormalActiveAPI clean-up
#2332991: Twig debug and trans fails on HTML attributes
8.3.x-devBug reportNormalActiveDrupalWTFNeeds issue summary update
#2457295: 'base hook' key in hook_theme() is limited in what it inherits from the base hook
8.3.x-devTaskNormalNeeds workDX (Developer Experience)Needs tests
#2430381: Improve Classy template in-line documentation
8.3.x-devTaskNormalActivetheme system cleanupfrontendbananaclassyTX (Themer Experience)rc eligibleNeeds issue summary update
#1813426: [meta] Consolidate all item list templates and add theme_hook_suggestions
8.3.x-devTaskNormalActivetheme system cleanupTheme Component LibraryTemplate consolidation
Assigned to jenlampton
#2349745: Copy simpletest templates to Classy
8.3.x-devTaskNormalNeeds workfrontendbananacssbananadrupalhagenSprintWeekend2015
Assigned to bradwade
#2349647: Copy ckeditor templates to Classy
8.3.x-devTaskNormalNeeds workfrontendbananacssbananadrupalhagen
#1067412: search_excerpt is not themeable and should use <mark> to highlight search results
8.3.x-devBug reportNormalActivehtml5dreammarkuptheme system cleanup
#2407727: Remove classes from system templates f*.html.twig
8.3.x-devTaskNormalNeeds workfrontendbananacssbananajsbanananeed screenshotsneeds manual test
Assigned to alexpott
#2512672: Add secure debug output to twig trans extension
8.3.x-devTaskNormalActiveD8MIlanguage-uiNeeds tests
#2506149: Improve errors messages from the rendering system
8.3.x-devTaskNormalActiveDX (Developer Experience)TX (Themer Experience)
#2461691: "book_tree" template suggestion should be "menu__book__"
8.3.x-devBug reportNormalNeeds workfrontendCSSJavaScript
#2407737: Remove classes from system templates p*.html.twig
8.3.x-devTaskNormalNeeds workfrontendbananacssbananajsbananaNeeds change record updatesneeds screenshots
#2495779: Make #theme => links take cacheability metadata as an argument
8.3.x-devTaskNormalNeeds workPerformanceD8 cacheability
#2457257: Use Twig parser to detect errors in Twig code entered in Views UI
8.3.x-devTaskNormalActiveVDCSite builder experience (SX)
#2488958: Clean up rendering of admin blocks/admin tasks
8.3.x-devBug reportNormalActiveD8 cacheability
#2426951: one forum template file
8.3.x-devTaskNormalActivebananaTX (Themer Experience)
#1842034: Remove dynamic generation of HTML tags
8.4.x-devTaskNormalActivemarkuptheme system cleanup
#2412881: #description_display is ignored for fields
8.3.x-devBug reportNormalActiveUsabilityaccessibilityfrontend
#1926610: Consolidate file-managed-file.html.twig and file-widget.html.twig since they are identical
8.3.x-devTaskNormalActivetheme system cleanupTemplate consolidation
#1537198: Add a Production/Development Toggle To Core
8.3.x-devFeature requestNormalNeeds workJavaScriptmobilefrontend performanceNeeds issue summary update
#2167277: Update filter.module markup and templates
#2003816: aggregator twig
8.3.x-devTaskNormalNeeds workdreammarkupTwigtemplate
Assigned to mortendk
#2553993: Provides a template implementation without error handling
8.3.x-devTaskNormalNeeds workPerformanceNeeds tests
#1857946: Comment parent template variables are built twice
8.3.x-devBug reportNormalNeeds workPerformanceNeeds profilingaccessibilitySprintWeekend2015#drupalgoa2015Needs issue summary updatefrontend
#2560467: Inline Errors not shown for container elements
8.4.x-devBug reportNormalNeeds workDevDaysMilanuxuser experienceaccessibilityNeeds testsgovcon2016
#2575405: Is the <div> with class "views-element-container" around views pages needed?
8.3.x-devBug reportNormalActivedivitisNoviceNeeds manual testing
#2587179: Place block operation in the modal Place block dialog does not bring up config dialog
8.0.x-devBug reportNormalActiveAjaxunicodeinternationalizationtranslatable stringsAnnotation
#54898: Add a description-list.html.twig template (ex. definition list)
8.4.x-devTaskNormalNeeds workNeeds testsd8dtxtheme system cleanup
#2477155: Update LinkWidget to accommodate the attribute.
8.4.x-devFeature requestNormalNeeds workField APITX (Themer Experience)Twig conversion
#2486267: Attributes of a block content are applied to block itself
8.4.x-devBug reportNormalNeeds workNeeds subsystem maintainer review
#2620192: Allow JS templating with Twig.js
8.4.x-devFeature requestNormalActive
#2623960: Add a merge() method on Attribute objects
8.4.x-devTaskNormalNeeds workTX (Themer Experience)DX (Developer Experience)
#2658414: Anonymous user object in twig has null timezone. Expected site default timezone.
8.3.x-devBug reportNormalActiveSprintWeekend2016SprintWeekendBOSNeeds steps to reproduceNeeds issue summary update
#2694205: Add a unified way of creating twig filters and functions to core
8.4.x-devFeature requestNormalActiveDX (Developer Experience)
#2698019: user "member for x time" is hardcoded
8.4.x-devBug reportNormalActivedrupaltwig
#2705261: Optimize content entity field access in twig
#2076301: Remove views-mini-pager.html.twig, use a pager theme suggestion instead
8.4.x-devTaskNormalNeeds workNovicetheme system cleanupVDCTemplate consolidationdcuacs2015
#2728915: twig string filters dont work.
8.3.x-devBug reportNormalActive
#2767257: Add classes suggestions to taxonomy-term.html.twig
8.3.x-devFeature requestNormalNeeds worktaxonomy
Assigned to markconroy
#2704331: Ability to display block_content entities independently, also outside of Blocks
9.x-devFeature requestNormalActiveDX (Developer Experience)DrupalWTFVDCBC break
#2372581: Rename 'page' render element to 'body', page.html.twig to body.html.twig
8.4.x-devTaskNormalNeeds workTX (Themer Experience)DX (Developer Experience)DrupalWTFNeeds beta evaluationNeeds change record
#2824566: Cannot name a field 'comment'
8.3.x-devBug reportNormalActivecommentscomment
#2838318: Printing a link with mailto in twig template
8.3.x-devSupport requestNormalActive
#2839709: Disable TWIG cache by default in
8.4.x-devFeature requestMinorNeeds workTX (Themer Experience)DX (Developer Experience)servicescachetheme
#2850496: Double escaping in Rest UI
8.4.x-devBug reportNormalActiveSafeMarkup
#2881195: layout discovery SUGGESTIONS
8.3.2Bug reportNormalActivesuggestions
#2882941: Twig cache file names in a load-balancer setup
8.3.2Bug reportNormalActiveload-balancer

To review

#2501949: Remove SafeMarkup::set in Rss render()
8.0.x-devTaskMajorSafeMarkupD8 Accelerate
Assigned to cdulude
#2497115: ajax_page_state is not taken into account for normal GET requests
8.0.x-devBug reportMajorNoviceNeeds testsphp-novice
Assigned to Fabianx
#2409653: The color module lock/unlock link is not accessible
8.0.x-devBug reportNormalfrontendbananacssbananaaccessibility
#2214241: Field default markup - removing the divitis
8.0.x-devTaskNormaldreammarkupneeds screenshotsfrontendtheme system cleanupBartikSevenclassyNeeds issue summary updateNeeds manual testing
#1388926: Remove all references to "self-closing" void elements in core
8.4.x-devTaskNormalhtml5theme system cleanupFUDKAmsterdam2014
#674108: ThemeManager::theme() does not trigger an error when a theme hook is not found
8.4.x-devBug reportNormalDX (Developer Experience)Testing systemTX (Themer Experience)Needs tests
#2407723: Remove classes from system templates c*.html.twig
#2249077: User verification status in comments should not be linked to comments
8.4.x-devBug reportMinorconsistencytheme system cleanup
#2554957: Clean up CSS class concatenation in template_preprocess_views_view_table()
8.4.x-devTaskNormalVDCcode cleanupNeeds manual testingNoviceDublin2016
#893530: Multi level (multirow) header for table FAPI element
8.4.x-devFeature requestNormalththeme_tabletable header rowtable headerDevDaysSeville
#2642046: libraries-override does not update drupalSettings libraries array
8.3.x-devBug reportNormalfrontendCSSTX (Themer Experience)DX (Developer Experience)Needs tests
#2642122: Overriding already overridden libraries-override requires knowledge of previous libraries-overrides
8.4.x-devBug reportNormalfrontendCSSTX (Themer Experience)DX (Developer Experience)
#2620854: links.html.twig docs are out of date
8.3.x-devBug reportMinor
Assigned to leolando.tan
#2649076: Mention in the comments that menu_name is only global available in menu.html.twig
#2421001: Fix regression in the link widget where help text does not show.
8.4.x-devBug reportNormalUsabilitydcoslo15accessibilityDevDaysMilan
#2763911: Use twig loop variable instead of wrapping "for" with "if"
8.3.x-devBug reportNormal
Assigned to JohnAlbin

To be committed

#2118743: Twig debug output does not display all suggestions when an array of suggestions is passed to #theme
8.4.x-devBug reportMajorDX (Developer Experience)TX (Themer Experience)needs backport to D7Triaged D8 majorBaltimore2017DrupalCampMontréal2017
Critical issue
Major issue
Current top priority

Other related issues

See all these issues also at This view of issues is automatically cached and might be out of date up to two hours at times.


#552478: Restrict "self-closing" tags to only void elements in drupal_pre_render_html_tag
7.x-devBug reportMajorPatch (to be ported)html5API clean-upneeds backport to D7theme system cleanupsprint
#1332068: ENGINE_render_template() and ENGINE_extension() are undocumented
7.x-devTaskNormalPatch (to be ported)needs backport to D7documentationsprint
#2188721: Theme suggestions don't load necessary include files
7.x-devBug reportMajorNeeds workneeds backport to D7
#1946240: Remove the hardcoded 0 index in theme_status_messages()
7.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)NoviceAmsterdam2014
#2307505: Port twig_debug output to Drupal 7
7.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)7.33 release notes7.33 release announcement
#1369822: template_preprocess_user_profile lists wrong variables
7.x-devBug reportNormalClosed (fixed)Noviceneeds backport to D7
#1135020: Need standard way to document the format of attributes in theme functions
7.x-devTaskNormalNeeds workcoding standardstheme system cleanup


#2611246: [PP-1] Document the recommended method of creating file URLs to theme assets (e.g. images)
8.4.x-devTaskMajorPostponedDX (Developer Experience)TX (Themer Experience)
#1804488: [meta] Introduce a Theme Component Library
8.3.x-devPlanNormalPostponedmarkuptheme system cleanupTheme Component LibraryDrupal core ideas
#1783134: [META] Make it possible to inspect twig variables and get information about objects and render arrays
8.4.x-devTaskNormalPostponedDX (Developer Experience)TX (Themer Experience)
#1918856: Put each module's help into a separate Twig file
8.4.x-devFeature requestNormalPostponed (maintainer needs more info)help systemD8MI
#2407713: Copy system templates a*.html.twig to Classy
#2349777: Copy views_ui templates to Classy
#2349707: Copy language templates to Classy
Assigned to Xen
#2349769: Copy update templates to Classy
#2349653: Copy color templates to Classy
#2349719: Copy locale templates to Classy
#2349661: Copy config_translation templates to Classy
#2032695: Use item-list.html.twig instead of views_view_summary.html.twig
8.4.x-devTaskNormalPostponedtheme system cleanupTemplate consolidation
#1842232: Consolidate use of admin-page.html.twig and system-admin-index.html.twig
8.4.x-devTaskNormalPostponedtheme system cleanupTemplate consolidation
#2455233: Add a render function to Twig (same as existing render_var function but a nicer name)
8.4.x-devTaskNormalPostponedTX (Themer Experience)DX (Developer Experience)
#1905584: Move base theme system templates into /core/templates
8.4.x-devTaskNormalPostponedtheme system cleanup
#2226953: remove wrapper markup & classes from default region.html.twig
8.4.x-devFeature requestNormalPostponeddreammarkupfrontendhtml
#2278839: Convert 'mark' theme hook to a suggestion of html_tag
8.4.x-devTaskNormalPostponedtheme system cleanup


#806982: Tables should take an optional footer variable and produce <tfoot>
TaskNormalFixedtheme system cleanupsprintdreammarkuphtml5focusdocumentation
#2239945: Refactor Attribute class into one class
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (duplicate)DX (Developer Experience)sprintNeeds issue summary updateFX (Front End Experience)
#2348729: Convert theme_views_view_field to twig
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)VDCsprintTwig conversionBarcelona2015
Assigned to catch
#2425707: SafeMarkup problem with theme_views_view_fields in twig template.
8.0.x-devBug reportMajorClosed (duplicate)VDCsprintSafeMarkup
#2291449: Add Twig template inheritance based on the theme registry, enable adding Twig loaders
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)TX (Themer Experience)sprintSprintWeekend2015
#2369781: Ensure twig_debug output has needed sanitization
8.0.x-devTaskCriticalClosed (fixed)sprintsecurityCriticalADay
#2329783: Move comment classes from preprocess to templates
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)frontendbananafrontendunitedFUDKAmsterdam2014sprint
#2325517: Add methods for adding/removing attributes (not classes) on Attribute objects
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)sprintNoviceDrupalCamp Ghent 2014
#2073811: Add a url generator twig extension
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)WSCCItheme system cleanupFX (Front End Experience)DX (Developer Experience)DrupalWTFsprint
#2229435: Clean up the way attributes are printed in field.html.twig
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)theme system cleanupsprintFUDKEntity Field APINovice
#2318341: Views mini pager markup
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)frontenddreammarkupneeds screenshotsNoviceAmsterdam2014sprintaccessibility
#2329851: Move miscellaneous system classes from preprocess to templates
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)frontendbananaNovicesprint
#2226207: Make 'template' the default output option for hook_theme()
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)DX (Developer Experience)API changeApproved API changesprint
#2329901: Move form classes from preprocess to templates
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)frontendbananafrontendunitedFUDKsprint
#2228125: 'base theme' property in theme .info.yml files does not need to be wrapped in quotes
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)DX (Developer Experience)TX (Themer Experience)sprintfocus
#2280955: Fix TwigTransTest
8.0.x-devTaskCriticalClosed (fixed)sprint
#2227395: field items class follow the drupal coding standards
8.0.x-devFeature requestNormalClosed (duplicate)sprint
Assigned to galooph
#2114563: Remove TwigReference with the help of 'without' filter replacing 'show'/'hide' functions.
8.0.x-devTaskCriticalClosed (fixed)theme system cleanupAPI changeDX (Developer Experience)sprint
#2221535: TwigNodeVisitor's priority is too early and breaks some filters and macros
8.0.x-devTaskMajorClosed (fixed)DX (Developer Experience)sprintQuick fix
#2201781: Pass all theme hook suggestions to theme preprocess functions to allow for suggestion-specific overrides
8.0.x-devTaskCriticalClosed (duplicate)sprintNeeds testsTemplate consolidation
Assigned to Cottser
#1053648: Convert site elements (site name, slogan, site logo) into blocks
8.0.x-devTaskMajorClosed (fixed)Blocks-Layoutssprint
#2191101: Replace calls to theme() with drupal_render() in Views plugins
8.0.x-devTaskCriticalClosed (fixed)VDCbeta blockersprint
#2280965: [meta] Remove every SafeMarkup::set() call
8.0.x-devPlanCriticalClosed (fixed)SafeMarkupTriaged D8 criticalD8 AccelerateActionable D8 criticalD8 Accelerate London
#2429659: Race conditions in the twig template cache
8.0.x-devBug reportCriticalClosed (fixed)Random test failureD8 cacheabilityPerformance
#2550299: Update to Twig 1.20
8.0.x-devTaskCriticalClosed (fixed)
#2273925: Ensure #markup is XSS escaped in Renderer::doRender()
8.0.x-devBug reportCriticalClosed (fixed)securitySafeMarkupTriaged D8 criticalD8 Accelerate
#2495179: Twig placeholder filter should not map to raw filter
8.0.x-devBug reportCriticalClosed (fixed)D8MIlanguage-basesecurityhardeningTriaged D8 critical
#1825952: Turn on twig autoescape by default
8.0.x-devTaskCriticalClosed (fixed)securityPerfomancebeta blockerSafeMarkup
#2306271: drupal_set_message(t('whatever')) is double escaped
8.0.x-devBug reportCriticalClosed (duplicate)securityPerfomanceSafeMarkup
#2389735: Core and base theme CSS files in libraries override theme CSS files with the same name
8.0.x-devBug reportCriticalClosed (fixed)frontendCSSTX (Themer Experience)Triaged D8 criticalD8 Accelerate Dev Days
#2414255: Subtheme template inheritance working in reverse order
8.0.x-devBug reportCriticalClosed (fixed)TX (Themer Experience)
#2352155: Remove HtmlFragment/HtmlPage
8.0.x-devTaskCriticalClosed (fixed)page renderingDX (Developer Experience)TX (Themer Experience)
Assigned to Wim Leers
#2317557: renderInline not compatible with twig_auto_reload
8.0.x-devBug reportCriticalClosed (fixed)TCDrupal 2014
#2173655: Refactor theme() to _theme(); make it a private API to discourage module developers from circumventing the renderable build system
8.0.x-devTaskCriticalClosed (fixed)API changeD8 cacheabilityPerformanceSparkd8dxbeta blockerApproved API changeCore Review BonusfocusWill cause commit conflictsAvoid commit conflicts
#2492839: Views replacement token bc layer allows for Twig template injection via arguments
8.0.x-devBug reportCriticalClosed (fixed)D8 upgrade pathVDCsecurityD8 Accelerate
#2568171: Upgrade to Twig 1.22 and implement our own cache class
8.0.x-devTaskCriticalClosed (fixed)rc target
#2584837: Double translation in template_preprocess_field_multiple_value_form()
8.0.x-devBug reportCriticalClosed (fixed)D8MIQuickfix
#939462: Specific preprocess functions for theme hook suggestions are not invoked
8.0.x-devBug reportMajorClosed (fixed)theme system cleanupDX (Developer Experience)needs backport to D7
#2513266: Twig templates can call delete() on entities and other objects
8.0.x-devBug reportMajorClosed (fixed)frontendSecurity improvementsrc target
#2370147: Move is_front variable to template_preprocess_page()
8.0.x-devBug reportMajorClosed (fixed)PerformanceD8 cacheability
#1920886: drupal_render() should check if it's rendering a 'render element' and if so call drupal_render_children() (inline) instead
8.1.x-devTaskMajorClosed (duplicate)theme system cleanupNeeds issue summary updateNeeds testsDrupalCon LA
#2493579: Make theme registry persistable also on POST requests
8.2.x-devBug reportMajorClosed (duplicate)
#2416857: Add an active_theme_path twig function
8.0.x-devTaskMajorClosed (fixed)
Assigned to evgeny.chernyavskiy
#2296885: Remove format_xml_elements()
8.0.x-devBug reportMajorClosed (fixed)securitySafeMarkup
#2407195: Move attachment processing to services and per-type response subclasses
8.0.x-devTaskMajorClosed (fixed)DX (Developer Experience)
#2451411: Add libraries-override to themes' *.info.yml
8.0.x-devTaskMajorClosed (fixed)frontendCSSTX (Themer Experience)DX (Developer Experience)SrijanSprintNightNeeds manual testing
#2168231: Twig Functions needed in templates
8.1.x-devPlanMajorClosed (duplicate)TX (Themer Experience)DX (Developer Experience)
#2540870: Improve the |safe_join Twig to be inline with twig_join_filter()
8.0.x-devBug reportMajorClosed (fixed)Contributed project blockerrc target
#2151113: Convert theme_system_modules_uninstall() to Twig
8.0.x-devTaskMajorClosed (fixed)Needs manual testingSprintWeekend2014D8MATwig conversionBarcelona2015
#2497667: Add libraries-extend to themes' *.info.yml
8.0.x-devTaskMajorClosed (fixed)frontendCSSTX (Themer Experience)DX (Developer Experience)front-end performanceBigPiperc deadlineminor version target
#2151109: Convert theme_system_modules_details() to Twig
8.0.x-devTaskMajorClosed (fixed)Twig conversionBarcelona2015blocker
#2348747: Convert theme_views_view_fields() to 100% Twig: remove the theme function
8.0.x-devTaskMajorClosed (fixed)VDCDrupalCamp Ghent 2014SprintWeekend2015Twig conversiondcuacs2015
#2295823: Ensure that we don't store excessive lists of safe strings
8.0.x-devPlanMajorClosed (duplicate)securityPerfomanceNeeds profilingSafeMarkup
#2529748: Regression: Views module CSS is not attached
8.0.x-devBug reportMajorClosed (fixed)VDC
#2052253: [META] Add #render property to drupal_render() and convert #type "#pre_render -> #markup" calls to use it
8.0.x-devTaskMajorClosed (duplicate)drupal renderBackwards compatible API changetheme system cleanup
#2512306: Inline errors not shown for details elements
8.0.x-devBug reportMajorClosed (fixed)DUGBE0609
#2005546: Use branding block in place of page template branding variables (site name, slogan, site logo)
8.0.x-devTaskMajorClosed (fixed)D8 cacheabilityclassyCSSTX (Themer Experience)
Assigned to webchick
#2550981: Remove SafeMarkup::set in FormErrorHandler::displayErrorMessages()
8.0.x-devTaskMajorClosed (fixed)SafeMarkupD8 Accelerate
#2502089: Remove SafeMarkup::set() in template_preprocess_views_view_table()
8.0.x-devTaskMajorClosed (fixed)SafeMarkupD8 AccelerateVDC
Assigned to MauPalantir
#2363423: views-view-fields.html.twig gets escaped
8.0.x-devBug reportMajorClosed (fixed)SafeMarkup
#2501971: Remove SafeMarkup::set in FieldStorageConfigListBuilder
8.0.x-devTaskMajorClosed (fixed)SafeMarkupD8 Accelerate
#2296929: Remove system_requirements() SafeMarkup::set() use
8.0.x-devTaskMajorClosed (fixed)securityPerfomanceSafeMarkupdrupalgoa2015LosAngeles2015D8MID8 Accelerate
#2551725: Remove system_requirements() SafeMarkup::set() use with 'value' key
8.0.x-devTaskMajorClosed (fixed)securityPerfomanceSafeMarkupdrupalgoa2015LosAngeles2015D8MID8 Accelerate
#2501937: Remove SafeMarkup::set in ViewsUIController::reportFields()
8.0.x-devTaskMajorClosed (fixed)SafeMarkupD8 AccelerateVDC
#2550965: Remove SafeMarkup::set() in ValidationTest::assertErrorMessages()
8.0.x-devTaskMajorClosed (fixed)SafeMarkupD8 Accelerate
#2488304: Add more docs that translate() also marks strings as safe
8.0.x-devTaskMajorClosed (fixed)D8MISafeMarkupD8 Accelerate
Assigned to Mariano
#1211866: Enable ENT_SUBSTITUTE flag in Html::escape
8.0.x-devTaskMajorClosed (fixed)PHP 5.4DX (Developer Experience)
#2501697: Remove SafeMarkup::set in rdf_preprocess_comment()
8.0.x-devTaskMajorClosed (fixed)SafeMarkupD8 AccelerateD8 Accelerate LondonRDF
#2501975: Determine how to update code that currently joins strings in SafeMarkup::set()
8.0.x-devTaskMajorClosed (duplicate)SafeMarkupD8 Accelerate
#2550961: Remove or document SafeMarkup::set in UserBlocksTest::testUserLoginBlock
8.0.x-devTaskMajorClosed (fixed)SafeMarkupD8 Accelerate
#2501757: Remove SafeMarkup::set in NodeSearch::prepareResults()
8.0.x-devTaskMajorClosed (fixed)D8 AccelerateSafeMarkupDrupalNorth2015
#2501683: Remove SafeMarkup::set in _update_message_text()
8.0.x-devTaskMajorClosed (fixed)SafeMarkupD8 Accelerate
#1885564: (authorize.php) - Convert theme_ functions to Twig
8.0.x-devBug reportMajorClosed (fixed)Twig conversionfrontend
#2501835: Remove SafeMarkup::set in Drupal\Core\Database\Install\Tasks::runTasks() and ensure multiple messages are printed
8.0.x-devBug reportMajorClosed (fixed)SafeMarkupD8 AccelerateNeeds subsystem maintainer review
#2501737: Remove SafeMarkup::set in theme_system_modules_details()
8.0.x-devTaskMajorClosed (fixed)SafeMarkupD8 Accelerate
#2502781: Remove SafeMarkup::set in template_preprocess_file_widget_multiple()
8.0.x-devTaskMajorClosed (fixed)SafeMarkupD8 AccelerateVDC
#2550991: Remove or document SafeMarkup::set in ViewListBuilder::buildRow()
8.0.x-devTaskMajorClosed (duplicate)SafeMarkupD8 Accelerate
#2512106: Inline templates are XSS filtered incorrectly
8.0.x-devBug reportMajorClosed (fixed)JavaScriptSafeMarkup
#2505679: Remove SafeMarkup::set in FieldPluginBase::advancedRender()
8.0.x-devTaskMajorClosed (duplicate)SafeMarkupD8 AccelerateVDC
#2502009: Remove SafeMarkup::set in SearchExtraTypeSearch::execute()
8.0.x-devTaskMajorClosed (fixed)SafeMarkupD8 Accelerate
#2501745: Remove or document SafeMarkup::set in theme()
8.0.x-devTaskMajorClosed (duplicate)SafeMarkupD8 Accelerate
#2502561: Remove SafeMarkup::set in StylePluginBase::renderFields
8.0.x-devTaskMajorClosed (duplicate)SafeMarkupD8 AccelerateVDC
#2501701: Remove SafeMarkup::set in template_preprocess_color_scheme_form()
8.0.x-devTaskMajorClosed (fixed)SafeMarkupD8 AccelerateDrupalNorth2015D8 Accelerate London
#2501823: Document SafeMarkup::set in FormCache::loadCachedFormState
8.0.x-devTaskMajorClosed (fixed)SafeMarkupD8 Accelerate
#2501639: Remove SafeMarkup::set in drupal_check_module()
8.0.x-devTaskMajorClosed (fixed)SafeMarkupD8 AccelerateD8MIlanguage-ui
#2505469: Remove drupal_render() calls from template_preprocess_table()
8.0.x-devTaskMajorClosed (fixed)@deprecatedDX (Developer Experience)SafeMarkupD8 Accelerate
#2501441: Document SafeMarkup::set in AllowedTagsXssTrait::fieldFilterXss
8.0.x-devTaskMajorClosed (fixed)SafeMarkupD8 AccelerateNeeds followup
#2501933: Remove dead code in ViewUI::getDefaultAJAXMessage()
8.0.x-devTaskMajorClosed (fixed)SafeMarkupD8 AccelerateVDC
#2501947: Remove SafeMarkup::set in ViewUI::renderPreview()
8.0.x-devTaskMajorClosed (fixed)SafeMarkupD8 AccelerateVDC
#2501749: Remove SafeMarkup::set in SimpletestResultsForm.php
8.0.x-devTaskMajorClosed (fixed)SafeMarkupD8 Accelerate
#2502095: Remove SafeMarkup::set in template_preprocess_views_ui_view_info()
8.0.x-devTaskMajorClosed (fixed)SafeMarkupD8 AccelerateVDC
#2232577: Breadcrumbs are generated in template_preprocess_page() even if they aren't rendered
8.0.x-devTaskMajorClosed (duplicate)PerformanceD8 cacheabilitySpark
#2501403: Document SafeMarkup::set in Xss::filter
8.0.x-devTaskMajorClosed (fixed)SafeMarkupD8 Accelerate
#2501447: Document SafeMarkup::setMultiple in _batch_page()
8.0.x-devTaskMajorClosed (fixed)SafeMarkupD8 Accelerate
#2191135: Refactor use of _theme() in tests where possible
8.0.x-devTaskMajorClosed (cannot reproduce)
#2501747: Remove SafeMarkup::set in search_excerpt
8.0.x-devTaskMajorClosed (fixed)SafeMarkupD8 Accelerate
#2501451: Document SafeMarkup::set in drupal_get_messages()
8.0.x-devTaskMajorClosed (fixed)SafeMarkupD8 Accelerate
#2501667: Remove SafeMarkup::set in __toString() in Attribute class
8.0.x-devTaskMajorClosed (duplicate)SafeMarkupD8 Accelerate
Assigned to cwells
#2502035: Document SafeMarkup::set() in testGenerateWithHtml()
8.0.x-devTaskMajorClosed (duplicate)SafeMarkupD8 Accelerate
#2416831: Add an active_theme twig function
8.0.x-devTaskMajorClosed (fixed)Novice
#2369987: Remove SafeMarkup::set() from 'head' title on template_preprocess_html
8.0.x-devTaskMajorClosed (fixed)securityPerfomanceSafeMarkup
#2501753: Remove or document SafeMarkup::set in search_excerpt
8.0.x-devTaskMajorClosed (duplicate)SafeMarkupD8 Accelerate
Assigned to cwells
#2191115: Clean up stale references to theme('foo') in documentation
8.0.x-devTaskMajorClosed (fixed)drupaldevdays
Assigned to JacobSanford
#2451607: Remove call to SafeMarkup::set() from node_requirements()
8.0.x-devBug reportMajorClosed (fixed)SafeMarkup#drupalgoa2015
Assigned to aneek
#2297703: [meta] Refactor and remove as many SafeMarkup::set() calls as possible
8.0.x-devTaskMajorClosed (duplicate)securityPerfomanceSafeMarkup
#2050269: hook_library_info_alter() is not called for themes
8.0.x-devBug reportMajorClosed (fixed)TX (Themer Experience)blockerD8 Accelerate Dev Days
#2345779: Fix double-escaping due to Twig autoescape in dblog event "operations"
8.0.x-devBug reportMajorClosed (fixed)NoviceAmsterdam2014SafeMarkupSprintWeekend2015DrupalSouthdrupaldevdays
#2447829: Add "menu" classes back to menu.html.twig for toolbar functionality
8.0.x-devBug reportMajorClosed (fixed)frontendbananaQuick fix
#2369981: Not found templates are displayed literally instead of throwing an Exception due to string loader
8.0.x-devBug reportMajorClosed (fixed)DX (Developer Experience)TX (Themer Experience)
#2383413: Remove file_exists() when registering namespaces for Twig template paths
8.0.x-devTaskMajorClosed (fixed)NovicePerformance
Assigned to catch
#2417733: Drupal 8 breaks Twig's round filter.
8.0.x-devBug reportMajorClosed (fixed)Autoescape
#2422039: Double escaping in search result info
8.0.x-devBug reportMajorClosed (fixed)SafeMarkup
#2226493: Apply formatters and widgets to Node base fields
8.0.x-devTaskMajorClosed (fixed)Field APISparkEntity Field APIbeta targetRDF code sprintDrupalaton 2014
Assigned to yched
#1938920: Convert node_search_admin theme tables to table #type
8.0.x-devTaskMajorClosed (fixed)TCDrupal 2014accessibility
#2324371: Fix common HTML escaped render #key values due to Twig autoescape
8.0.x-devBug reportMajorClosed (fixed)securityPerfomanceAmsterdam2014SafeMarkup
#1818266: [meta] A secure theme system (with twig)
8.0.x-devTaskMajorClosed (fixed)Security improvements
Assigned to Fabianx
#2260059: Title in template_preprocess_item_list() is typecasted as string
8.0.x-devBug reportMajorClosed (fixed)theme system cleanup
#2289999: Add an easy way to create HTML on the fly without having to create a theme function / template
8.0.x-devTaskMajorClosed (fixed)AutoescapeTX (Themer Experience)frontendDX (Developer Experience)
#2272279: Kill RenderWrapper class
8.0.x-devTaskMajorClosed (fixed)DX (Developer Experience)securityWSCCI
Assigned to catch
#2011128: theme_disable() can disable the wrong theme
8.0.x-devBug reportMajorClosed (fixed)
#2106797: Create a Twig function for route discoverability
8.0.x-devTaskMajorClosed (won't fix)blockedMenuSystemRevampWSCCItheme system cleanupFX (Front End Experience)
#2550985: Remove SafeMarkup::set in _batch_test_finished_helper()
8.0.x-devTaskMajorClosed (fixed)SafeMarkupD8 Accelerate
#2505931: Remove SafeMarkup::set in ViewListBuilder
8.0.x-devTaskMajorClosed (fixed)SafeMarkupD8 AccelerateCSS
#2555243: Upgrade path / plan to Twig 2.x aka 2.0
8.0.x-devPlanMajorClosed (duplicate)review before release candidaterc target
#2560553: Views render pipeline is escaping CustomBooleanTest
8.0.x-devBug reportMajorClosed (fixed)VDCSafeMarkupblocker
#2567489: Classy's page template has two highlighted regions
8.0.0Bug reportMajorClosed (fixed)frontend
#1938912: Convert language content setting table theme to a twig template
8.0.x-devTaskMajorClosed (fixed)Twig conversionrc target
#2581443: Make Classy extend from the new Stable base theme
8.0.x-devBug reportMajorClosed (fixed)rc target
#2592573: The :placeholder translation placeholder type not supported in Twig
8.0.x-devBug reportMajorClosed (duplicate)D8MIlanguage-ui
#2600228: Mark \Drupal\Core\Theme\Registry internal
8.1.x-devTaskMajorClosed (fixed)rc eligible
#2603074: Remove |raw from use in core templates
8.2.x-devTaskMajorClosed (fixed)security
#2606772: Long Twig cache directories can cause failures on some filesystems
8.4.x-devBug reportMajorClosed (fixed)WindowsTriaged D8 majorDrupalCampNJ20178.3.0 release notes
#2609110: Update Twig to 1.23.1
8.0.x-devTaskMajorClosed (fixed)rc eligible
#2610436: Twig templates incorrectly use % trans % with arbitrary filters
8.2.x-devBug reportMajorClosed (fixed)D8MIlanguage-uiTriaged D8 major
#2623708: Whitelist instances instead of specific classes in Twig sandbox policy
8.0.x-devBug reportMajorClosed (fixed)TX (Themer Experience)DX (Developer Experience)Contributed project blocker
#2636074: forum-list.html.twig replies are double escaped
8.0.x-devBug reportMajorClosed (duplicate)
#2642050: Depended libraries are not added to drupalSettings libraries array
8.1.x-devBug reportMajorClosed (works as designed)frontendCSSTX (Themer Experience)DX (Developer Experience)
#2488886: Forum - "new replies" message is escaped
8.0.x-devBug reportMajorClosed (fixed)
#2721351: Upgrade to Twig 1.24
8.2.x-devBug reportMajorClosed (fixed)8.2.0 release notes
#2830596: MTimeProtectedFastFileStorage::getFullPath() creates really long filenames unnecessarily
8.3.x-devBug reportMajorClosed (fixed)WindowsNeeds manual testingneeds security review
Assigned to catch
#2846899: No template comments in output when debug is true
8.2.5Bug reportMajorClosed (works as designed)
#2854604: PHP Fatal error: Nesting level too deep
8.2.4Bug reportMajorClosed (works as designed)
#2307125: HTML double-escaping in EditorImageDialog
8.0.x-devBug reportNormalClosed (fixed)Quickfix
#935878: Don't output unnecessary markup for fields with just a single value entered.
8.0.x-devFeature requestNormalClosed (duplicate)dreammarkupfrontend
#2547559: Checking for empty fields in Twig templates is complicated
8.0.x-devSupport requestNormalClosed (duplicate)
#2023571: Support preprocessing in EntityViewBuilder
8.4.x-devTaskNormalClosed (won't fix)Entity Field APIDX (Developer Experience)DrupalCampESDublin2016
#2398331: Add the ability to attach asset libraries directly from a template file
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)TX (Themer Experience)
#2493945: Views filters dragging in the grouping view is broken
8.2.x-devBug reportNormalClosed (duplicate)JavaScriptVDCNeeds tests
#2329759: Move container classes from preprocess to templates
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)frontendbananafrontendunitedFUDK
#1987414: Remove test coverage for theme functions
9.x-devTaskNormalClosed (duplicate)Twig conversionNeeds issue summary update
#1982018: [meta] Refactor template_preprocess()
9.x-devTaskNormalClosed (duplicate)theme system cleanup
#2428509: Comment links weight should be managed by view display
8.2.x-devBug reportNormalClosed (fixed)#drupalgoa2015DrupalWTFfrontend
#2349759: Copy system templates to Classy
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)frontendbananacssbananaclassy
#2349775: Remove classes from Views templates
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)frontendbananacssbananaJavaScript
#2546248: Use consistent style to mention HTML tags in code comments
8.1.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)TX (Themer Experience)DX (Developer Experience)documentationfrontendNoviceBarcelona2015
#2430583: Make template file names more descriptive
9.x-devTaskNormalClosed (duplicate)theme system cleanupfrontendbananarc deadlineclassyTX (Themer Experience)
#2480497: Comment rtl styling broken
8.1.x-devBug reportNormalClosed (cannot reproduce)frontendCSSD8MINeeds manual testingBartikDrupalBCDays
#2350507: \Drupal\Core\Url has no __toString() magic method
8.0.x-devBug reportNormalClosed (fixed)Amsterdam2014Novice
#1986164: Improve the way main help page is rendered
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (duplicate)Needs manual testingCSS
#2501735: Add throws to Twig extension comments
8.1.x-devTaskMinorClosed (fixed)rc eligibleNovicedocumentationSprintWeekend2016drupalconasia2016
Assigned to malavya
#314385: Make position of #description configurable via the API
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)UsabilityaccessibilityAPI additionSprintWeekend2014D8SVQfrontendTCDrupal 2014
#2540170: Remove unused JS after node form’s vertical tabs were changed into details elements
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (won't fix)JavaScriptCSSfrontendbananaSafeMarkup
#2234331: Change the body classes to follow Drupal 8 CSS standards
8.0.x-devBug reportNormalClosed (fixed)dreammarkupStarkBartik
#2481427: Any issue writing out compiled twig templates results in fatal error
8.0.x-devBug reportNormalClosed (duplicate)Needs tests
#2402165: #theme => 'links' renders <li class="_"> when the #links array is not associative
8.1.x-devBug reportNormalClosed (fixed)dreammarkupdocumentation
#2002094: Improve performance of comment.html.twig
8.1.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)PerformanceNeeds profiling
#2259221: Abstract "mark" theme hook to allow multiple "types"
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (duplicate)dreammarkuptheme system cleanup
#2364085: Extends in twig requires .twig extension
8.0.x-devBug reportNormalClosed (won't fix)
#1997866: Erroneous Views grouping and grouping_level template variables
8.0.x-devBug reportNormalClosed (duplicate)VDCVDC-cleanup
#2505517: Wrapping var in {{% trans %}} can break your site
8.0.x-devBug reportNormalClosed (won't fix)SafeMarkupD8MI
#2041835: Cleanup Twig Documentation/Code
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (duplicate)documentationcode cleanupNeeds issue summary update
#2426343: Messages container prints in Bartik when there are no messages.
8.0.x-devBug reportNormalClosed (duplicate)frontend
#2455211: Comment field displayed last regardless of assigned weight
8.0.x-devBug reportNormalClosed (fixed)frontendmarkupCSSdrupaldevdays
#1777332: Replace theme_menu_link() and menu-tree.html.twig with a single Twig template
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)theme system cleanupTheme Component LibraryTemplate consolidationTX (Themer Experience)Performance
#1938900: Convert theme_field_ui_table into a template
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)Needs manual testingEntity Field APIrc target
#2306515: SafeMarkup in CKEditor toolbar configuration UI — fix by not generating markup in PHP but using Twig Macros
8.1.x-devBug reportMinorClosed (duplicate)D8MIaccessibilityNeeds manual testingNeeds issue summary updateSprintWeekend2015#drupalgoa2015
#2002108: Improve performance of views-view-fields.html.twig
8.0.x-devBug reportNormalClosed (duplicate)Performance
#2201813: Twig trans block should throw an exception when printing a render array
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (duplicate)DX (Developer Experience)FX (Front End Experience)
#2414467: The Twig ›empty‹ test fails on fields.
8.0.x-devBug reportNormalClosed (duplicate)field theming
#2214249: Fields classes - what do we actually need & want in Drupal8 twig
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (won't fix)dreammarkupEntity Field APIField APIfrontendhtml
#2245901: Trim trailing EOF whitespace from templates
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (won't fix)theme system cleanupdreammarkupNeeds issue summary updateJavaScript
#2031297: Error messages when compiling twig with calls to theme() have a wrong context
8.0.x-devBug reportNormalClosed (cannot reproduce)Twig engine
#2407739: Remove classes from system templates r*.html.twig
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)frontendbanana
#2282101: Remove |passthrough filter in Twig
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (duplicate)SafeMarkupSecurity improvements
#2547159: menu class generating should be in the template not in a function
8.0.x-devBug reportNormalClosed (fixed)frontendclassy
#2349659: Copy comment templates to Classy
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)frontendbanana
#2349711: Remove all visual from stark
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)StarkclassyfrontendCSS
#2473947: Prefix form-item-* classes with js-
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)JavaScriptCSSfrontendbanana
#2507243: Convert theme_system_modules_uninstall() tables to table #type
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (duplicate)accessibility
#2099293: Replace table with available module updates with better markup
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (duplicate)NoviceNeeds manual testingdreammarkup#drupalgoa2015
#1938930: Convert theme_system_modules_details() to #type table
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (duplicate)accessibilityNeeds manual testingblocker
#1812684: [meta] Consolidate all table templates and add theme_hook_suggestions
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)theme system cleanupTemplate consolidation
#2473945: Prefix form-item classes with js-
8.0.x-devBug reportNormalClosed (fixed)JavaScriptCSSfrontendbanana
#2160643: Add status report "requirement" for Twig C extension for PHP
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)status reportrequirementsPerformance
#2483319: [META] Remove unnecessary markup from core templates, a.k.a. divitis
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)frontenddivitisNoviceLosAngeles2015
#2510794: Remove unnecessary markup from views-view.html.twig
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)frontenddivitisNoviceVDCdreammarkup
#2547803: The warning in views-view-field.html.twig should be a Twig comment
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)Quickfixdocumentation
#2546754: block.html.twig documents a "block" variable, which doesn't exist
8.0.x-devBug reportNormalClosed (fixed)Quick fixNovicedocumentation
#2473951: Prefix form-required classes with js-
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)JavaScriptCSSfrontendbanana
#2542764: Views rewritten row output: html is escaped
8.0.x-devBug reportNormalClosed (duplicate)VDC
#2031883: Markup for: comment.html.twig
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)dreammarkupfrontendCSSBartikJavaScript
#2525732: Add theme hooks to twig debug
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (duplicate)DX (Developer Experience)TX (Themer Experience)Needs issue summary updateNeeds testsNeeds beta evaluation
#2535586: Clean-up "links" templates from removed "html" option
8.0.x-devBug reportNormalClosed (fixed)frontendNovicedocumentation
#2306407: Remove breadcrumb from page template
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)rc deadlinePerformanceSprintWeekend2015
#2506151: Make the Twig extension link() accept Attribute objects
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)DX (Developer Experience)TX (Themer Experience)
#2472431: Do not load normalize.css in all themes, load it in Classy
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)StarkclassyfrontendCSS
#2106859: Add a link generator Twig extension
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (duplicate)MenuSystemRevampWSCCItheme system cleanupFX (Front End Experience)Needs issue summary update
#2428861: user.html.twig documentation refers to a nonexistent 'account' variable
8.0.x-devBug reportNormalClosed (fixed)NoviceQuick fixSrijanSprintNight
Assigned to tbradbury
#2497455: Remove unnecessary markup from views templates, a.k.a. divitis
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)frontenddivitisNoviceVDCNeeds manual testingneeds screenshots
#2462221: The highlighted region in Bartik is missing layout styles.
8.0.x-devBug reportNormalClosed (fixed)drupaldevdaysCSSfrontend
#2280963: Refactor use of SafeMarkup in HWLDFWordAccumulator
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)SafeMarkupD8 AccelerateNeeds manual testing
#1985974: Make l() optionally return structured output
9.x-devTaskNormalClosed (won't fix)theme system cleanup
#1885714: Remove theme_install_page()
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (duplicate)theme system cleanupNeeds reroll
#2473955: Prefix form-wrapper classes with js-
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)JavaScriptCSSfrontendbanana
#2490936: hook_library_info_alter() docs and function signature are slightly out of date
8.0.x-devBug reportNormalClosed (fixed)NoviceQuick fixSrijanSprintNight
#2511154: Automatically create attributes for each theme function
8.0.x-devFeature requestNormalClosed (cannot reproduce)
#2489664: Remove unnecessary markup from core templates, a.k.a. divitis
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)frontenddivitisNoviceLosAngeles2015
#2385243: Make core user fields available for twig templates
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)Novicedrupalcampcs
#2473943: Prefix form-file and form-managed-file classes with js-
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)JavaScriptCSSfrontendbanana
#2501491: menu.html.twig has an unnecessary import inside its macro
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (cannot reproduce)Novice
#2489394: Refactor the Search module markup to be inline with our standards.
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)frontendCSSNeeds followup
#2031301: Replace theme_more_link() and replace with #type 'more_link'
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)theme system cleanup
#1944572: Remove "" dependency to prevent theme clashes
8.0.x-devBug reportNormalClosed (fixed)frontendCSSJavaScript
#2473953: Prefix form-submit classes with js-
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)JavaScriptCSSfrontendbanana
#2473949: Prefix form-type-* classes with js-
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)JavaScriptCSSfrontendbanana
#2473941: Prefix field-parent classes with js-
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)JavaScriptCSSfrontendbanana
#1912516: Markup for menus
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (works as designed)dreammarkupfrontend
#2473957: Prefix text-* classes with js-
8.0.x-devBug reportNormalClosed (fixed)JavaScriptCSSfrontendbananaNovice
#2189729: Factor out tablesort-indicator.html.twig
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (duplicate)theme system cleanupneeds accessibility reviewfrontend
#2334629: Requirements - PHP Extensions - Disabled message
8.0.x-devBug reportNormalClosed (duplicate)regressionSafeMarkup
#2187113: Incorrect usage of attributes in twig templates resulting in possible duplicate attributes.
8.0.x-devBug reportNormalClosed (fixed)DX (Developer Experience)TX (Themer Experience)theme system cleanup
#2424533: Copy views templates to Classy
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)frontendbananacssbanana
#2462393: Upgrade Twig to 1.18.1 from 1.18.0
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)
#2422679: copy text template to classy
8.0.x-devBug reportNormalClosed (fixed)classybananaNovice
#2349503: Incorrect documentation about dates in node template
8.0.x-devBug reportMinorClosed (fixed)Novicedocumentation#drupalgoa2015drupaldevdays
#2410917: html.html.twig template causes code change message to appear
8.0.x-devBug reportNormalClosed (works as designed)
#2407565: Consensus Banana Phase 1, cleanup
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)frontendbananaNovice
#2472961: Update Twig to latest stable
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)drupaldevdays
Assigned to lussoluca
#1898442: responsive_image.module - Convert theme_ functions to Twig
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (duplicate)API changeTwig conversion
#2471655: Rename the Messages region in Seven.
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (duplicate)CSSfrontend
#2471697: [meta] Rename the default Messages region for all themes
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (duplicate)CSSfrontend
#2473373: Replace drupal_render calls in core/lib/Drupal
8.1.x-devTaskNormalClosed (duplicate)@deprecated
#2472975: Replace all drupal_render calls in core/modules/ckeditor
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (duplicate)@deprecatedNovice
#2471857: Replace all drupal_render calls in core/modules/book
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (duplicate)@deprecatedNovice
#2471913: Replace drupal_render calls in core/modules/simpletest
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (duplicate)@deprecated
#2473161: Replace all drupal_render calls in core/modules/aggregator
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (duplicate)@deprecatedNovice
#2472795: Replace drupal_render calls in core/modules/tracker
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (duplicate)@deprecated
#2472791: Replace drupal_render calls in core/modules/link
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (duplicate)@deprecated
#2471853: Replace drupal_render calls in core/scripts
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (duplicate)@deprecatedNovice
#2473385: Replace all drupal_render calls in core/modules/block
8.1.x-devTaskNormalClosed (duplicate)@deprecatedNovice
#2473393: Replace drupal_render calls in core/includes
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (duplicate)@deprecated
#2473743: Replace all drupal_render calls in core/modules/config
8.1.x-devTaskNormalClosed (duplicate)@deprecatedNovice
#2473753: Replace all drupal_render calls in core/modules/config_translation
8.1.x-devTaskNormalClosed (duplicate)@deprecatedNovice
#2473761: Replace all drupal_render calls in core/modules/content_translation
8.1.x-devTaskNormalClosed (duplicate)@deprecatedNovice
#2473773: Replace all drupal_render calls in core/modules/views_ui
8.1.x-devTaskNormalClosed (duplicate)@deprecatedNovice
#2473777: Replace all drupal_render calls in core/modules/update
8.1.x-devTaskNormalClosed (duplicate)@deprecatedNovice
#2473783: Replace all drupal_render calls in core/modules/text
8.1.x-devTaskNormalClosed (duplicate)@deprecatedNovice
#2473819: Replace all drupal_render calls in core/modules/locale
8.1.x-devTaskNormalClosed (duplicate)@deprecatedNovice
#2473821: Replace all drupal_render calls in core/modules/language
8.1.x-devTaskNormalClosed (duplicate)@deprecatedNovice
#2473833: Replace drupal_render calls in core/modules/image
8.1.x-devTaskNormalClosed (duplicate)@deprecated
Assigned to Renrhaf
#2471811: Replace drupal_render calls in core/tests
8.1.x-devTaskNormalClosed (duplicate)@deprecatedNoviceNeeds beta evaluation
#2471681: Rename the Messages region in Stark
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (duplicate)CSSfrontend
#2461097: Make TwigThemeTestController:::registryLoaderRender()'s response uncacheable
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)blockerD8 cacheabilityQuickfix
#2452363: Classy's @file docblocks shouldn't say "Default theme implementation…"
8.0.x-devBug reportNormalClosed (fixed)frontendNovicebananaclassy
Assigned to joekers
#2457271: More cleanup of the 'themeable' documentation group
8.0.x-devBug reportNormalClosed (fixed)frontendNovice
#2269559: Defining theme hook suggestion in hook_theme does not work
8.0.x-devSupport requestNormalClosed (fixed)DX (Developer Experience)
#2447049: Add a render filter to twig
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)TX (Themer Experience)DX (Developer Experience)
#2452361: Remove "@ingroup themeable" from all Classy templates
8.0.x-devBug reportNormalClosed (fixed)frontendNovicebananaclassy#drupalgoa2015
#2448213: Remove admin templates from Classy
8.0.x-devBug reportNormalClosed (fixed)frontendbananarc deadlineclassyTX (Themer Experience)
#2349559: [meta] Discuss the organization of subfolders in Classy
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)frontendbananarc deadlineclassyTX (Themer Experience)Needs issue summary update
#1189822: Convert maintenance-page.html.twig to HTML5
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (works as designed)html5D8MI
#2430981: Unnecessary notices when twig_render_template() catches \Twig_Error_Loader exceptions
8.0.x-devBug reportNormalClosed (fixed)DX (Developer Experience)TX (Themer Experience)
#2407725: Remove classes from system templates d*.html.twig
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)frontendbananacssbananajsbanana
#2407735: Remove classes from system templates m*.html.twig
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)frontendbananacssbanana
#2394951: Page title escaped with HTML markup when editing content translation
8.0.x-devBug reportNormalClosed (fixed)SafeMarkupD8MIlanguage-contentdcdelhiSprintWeekend2015SprintWeekend2015Queue
Assigned to subhojit777
#2407733: Remove classes from system templates i*.html.twig
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)frontendbananacssbanana
#2426639: remove classes from comment modules templates
8.0.x-devBug reportNormalClosed (fixed)classybanana
#2407745: Remove classes from system templates t*.html.twig
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)frontendbanana
#2407743: Remove classes from system templates s*.html.twig
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)frontendbananacssbananadrupalcafe-feb2015
#2329781: Move CKEditor toolbar classes from preprocess to templates
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)frontendbananafrontendunitedFUDK
#2407729: Remove classes from system templates h*.html.twig
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)frontendbananacssbanana
#2407715: Remove classes from system templates b*.html.twig
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)frontendbananacssbanana
#2329917: Move views classes from preprocess to templates
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)frontendbananaSprintWeekend2015classyNeeds manual testing
#1189806: Convert aggregator-item.html.twig to HTML5
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)html5frontendclassy
#2349767: Copy toolbar templates to Classy
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)frontendbanana
#2349677: Copy filter templates to Classy
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)frontendbananacssbananadrupalhagen
#2349687: Copy image templates to Classy
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)frontendbananacssbananadrupalhagen
#2349683: Copy forum templates to Classy
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)frontendbananacssbananaNovice
#2396553: field.html.twig documentation on template suggestions is incorrect
8.0.x-devBug reportNormalClosed (fixed)NoviceSprintWeekend2015
#2349625: Copy block templates to Classy
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)frontendbanana
Assigned to mortendk
#2414685: Improve references to Twig tokens in Views UI
8.0.x-devBug reportNormalClosed (fixed)VDCNovice
#2349721: Copy node templates to Classy
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)frontendbananaNovice
#2426589: Visual regression: Missing 'task-list' class in Seven installer
8.0.x-devBug reportNormalClosed (won't fix)frontendNovice
#2349715: Copy link templates to Classy
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)frontendbanana
#2409811: Kernel tests should explicitly install themes
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)frontendNeeds issue summary update
#2412373: Remove node-type-list from block-content-add-list.html.twig
8.0.x-devBug reportNormalClosed (fixed)frontendbananaQuick fix
#2329829: Move update classes from preprocess to templates
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)frontendbananafrontendunitedFUDK
#2329753: Move html classes from preprocess to templates
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)frontendbananaNovice
#2409817: CKEditor toolbar configuration UI missing ending UL
8.0.x-devBug reportNormalClosed (fixed)D8MIaccessibilitySafeMarkupSprintWeekend2015
#2407749: Copy system templates l*.html.twig to Classy
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)frontendbananacssbananaSprintWeekend2015
Assigned to olmaga
#2406903: HTML double-escaping in views debug messages
8.0.x-devBug reportNormalClosed (fixed)securityPerfomanceSafeMarkupSprintWeekend2015Novice
#2363677: book template id follow up
8.0.x-devBug reportNormalClosed (fixed)bananafrontendNoviceSprintWeekend2015
Assigned to sumanthkumarc
#2395825: Remove closing tag comments in template files.
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)frontendNoviceCSS
#2407747: Copy system templates v*.html.twig to Classy
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (won't fix)frontendbananacssbanana
#2152215: Convert theme_form_element_label() to Twig
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)SprintWeekend2014Twig conversion
#2152217: Remove theme_form_required_marker() from the theme system - use CSS instead
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)SprintWeekend2014MANCHESTER_2014_APRIL
#2151089: Convert theme_admin_block() to Twig
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)SprintWeekend2014Twig conversionAPI change
#2329841: Move page classes from preprocess to templates
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (won't fix)frontendbananafrontendunitedFUDK
#2254163: node stark naked
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (duplicate)dreammarkupStarkfrontend
#2217731: Move field classes out of preprocess and into templates
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)dreammarkupEntity Field APIField APIfrontendbanana
#2358037: Add search form block Twig template file
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)frontend
#1833932: Convert theme_system_compact_link() into a #type link
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)Novicetheme system cleanupTheme Component Library
#2349633: Copy book templates to Classy
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)frontendbananacssbananadrupalhagen
#2349773: Twig Double escaping on modules' available updates page
8.0.x-devBug reportNormalClosed (fixed)Amsterdam2014AutoescapeDrupal Camp RSSafeMarkup
#2366167: views-view-fields.html.twig prints out escaped html tags
8.1.x-devBug reportNormalClosed (duplicate)VDC
#2346249: Fix wrong escaped errors in Installer - Database settings
8.0.x-devBug reportNormalClosed (fixed)AutoescapeAmsterdam2014SafeMarkup
#2277913: meta: the role of stark & bartik in Drupal8 twig
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (duplicate)StarkBartikfrontend
#2236855: Use CSS for file icons in file fields
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)dreammarkupCSSfrontendFUDKNeeds change record
#2346287: Installer requirements errors escaped HTML in variables.
8.0.x-devBug reportNormalClosed (fixed)AutoescapeAmsterdam2014SafeMarkup
#2368957: Set class on MoreLink as array instead as string
8.0.x-devBug reportNormalClosed (fixed)Novicetheme system cleanupTheme Component LibraryQuick fix
#1898430: menu.module - Convert theme_ functions to Twig
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (duplicate)Twig conversion
#2294065: Refactor HtmlPage class to pull out template helper methods into a decorator
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (duplicate)DX (Developer Experience)securityWSCCI
#2349765: Copy taxonomy templates to Classy
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)frontendbananacssbananadrupalhagen
#2363741: Upgrade Twig to 1.16.* from 1.15.*
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)securityPerfomance
#2317281: Double escaping of install errors
8.0.x-devBug reportNormalClosed (duplicate)SafeMarkup
#2349675: Copy file templates to Classy
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)frontendbananacssbananadrupalhagen
#2349771: Copy user templates to Classy
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)frontendbananadrupalhagen
#2349727: Copy rdf templates to Classy
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)frontendbananaNovicedrupalhagencssbanana
#2349731: Copy search templates to Classy
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)frontendbananacssbananadrupalhagen
#2349615: Copy aggregator templates to Classy
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)frontendbananadrupalhagen
#2329767: Move table classes from preprocess to templates
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)frontendbanana
#2329763: Move links classes from preprocess to templates
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)frontendbananafrontendunitedFUDK
#2329919: Move views_ui classes from preprocess to templates
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)frontendbananafrontendunitedFUDK
#2349749: Double escaping at "Available translation updates" admin/reports/translations
8.0.x-devBug reportNormalClosed (duplicate)Amsterdam2014D8MISafeMarkup
#2319667: Simpletest Module Double escaped HTML in hook_requirements
8.0.x-devBug reportNormalClosed (fixed)securityNoviceAmsterdam2014SafeMarkup
Assigned to aneek
#2309929: HTML double-escaping in field forms
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (duplicate)securityPerfomanceField APIAmsterdam2014SafeMarkup
Assigned to mareksal
#2309175: HTML double-escaping in Text Editor image settings configuration UI
8.0.x-devBug reportNormalClosed (fixed)QuickfixSafeMarkup
Assigned to Wim Leers
#2345005: Wrong classes on status messages
8.0.x-devBug reportNormalClosed (duplicate)
#2365899: Taxonomy-term template in wrong location in Classy
8.0.x-devBug reportNormalClosed (duplicate)bananaNovice
#2261425: Streamline aggregator's entities rendering with rest of core
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)Template consolidation
Assigned to ParisLiakos
#2246675: Remove all unnecessary 'template' lines in hook_theme() declarations
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)Novicetheme system cleanup
#2350505: Remove stray 'new' class on comments
8.0.x-devBug reportNormalClosed (fixed)Amsterdam2014frontendCSSNovice
Assigned to BarisW
#2335003: Rename task-list.html.twig to maintenance-task-list.html.twig
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)frontendAmsterdam2014
#2215543: Replace strong tag with CSS in template_preprocess_authorize_report and remove id..
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)dreammarkupCSSfrontendAmsterdam2014
#2201789: Don't print "_theme()" in twig_debug output
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)Novice
#2143557: Add modules and themes as twig namespaces
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)SprintWeekend2014D8MA
#2329769: Move forum classes from preprocess to templates
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)frontendbananafrontendunitedFUDK
#2346245: Update file documentation
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)documentationNoviceAmsterdam2014
#2329771: Move image classes from preprocess to templates
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)frontendbananafrontendunitedFUDK
#1912608: Update pagination markup for new CSS standards and improved accessibility
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)dreammarkupaccessibility
#1972122: Remove the DIV tag around block content
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)markuptheme system cleanupfrontendhtmldreammarkup
#2329853: Move miscellaneous classes from preprocess to templates
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)frontendbananafrontendunitedFUDK
#2336355: Refactor Attribute rendering so that class="" is not printed
8.0.x-devBug reportNormalClosed (fixed)frontendbanana
#1285842: Forum module should implement its own node and comment templates to make theming easier
8.0.x-devFeature requestNormalClosed (cannot reproduce)theme system cleanup
#2329847: Use Attribute to replace hard coded classes in language-negotiation-configure-form.html.twig
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)frontendfrontendunitedFUDKtheme system cleanupconsistencyNovice
#2322287: Move datetime classes from preprocess to template
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)frontendbananafrontendunitedFUDK
#2339069: Remove useless BlockPreprocessUnitTest
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)frontendbananaFUDKNovice
Assigned to rgoodine
#2326093: Need new section about Twig added to theme system overview
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)documentation
#2328913: Move block classes out of preprocess and into templates
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)frontendbananaFUDK
#2254153: Move node classes out of preprocess and into templates
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)dreammarkupfrontendbananaTCDrupal 2014
#2324661: Move menu classes from preprocess to templates
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (won't fix)frontendbanana
#2329787: Move RDF classes from preprocess to templates
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)frontendbananafrontendunitedFUDKRDF code sprint
#2329837: Move filter classes from preprocess to templates
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)frontendbananafrontendunitedFUDK
#2330731: Attribute::addClass() adds empty class
8.0.x-devBug reportNormalClosed (fixed)frontendbananaQuick fix
#2329775: Move taxonomy term classes from preprocess to templates
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)frontendbananafrontendunitedFUDK
#2326423: Move "region" classes from preprocess to template
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)frontendbanana
Assigned to wheatpenny
#2329779: Move user classes from preprocess to templates
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)frontendbananafrontendunitedFUDK
#1898478: - Convert theme_ functions to Twig
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)SprintWeekend2014D8MATwig conversionNovice
#2332989: Twig trans tag debug is still hooked up to Settings
8.0.x-devBug reportNormalClosed (fixed)Quickfix
#2329819: Move aggregator classes from preprocess to templates
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (duplicate)frontendbananafrontendunitedFUDK
#2329789: Move toolbar classes from preprocess to templates
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)frontendbananafrontendunitedFUDK
#2329505: Convert theme_task_list to Twig template
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)Twig conversionfrontend
#1963982: Convert theme_views_ui_rearrange_filter_form() to Twig
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)VDCTwig conversionDrupalaton 2014
#2152227: Convert theme_tableselect() to #theme table__tableselect
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)theme system cleanup
#2326397: Add filtering to AttributeArray
8.0.x-devBug reportNormalClosed (fixed)frontendbananaQuick fix
#2088365: Wrong name for datetime.html.twig should be time.html.twig
8.0.x-devBug reportNormalClosed (fixed)markupQuick fix
#2035903: Remove theme_image_style_effects() and call theme('table__image_styles__effects') instead.
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (duplicate)theme system cleanupTemplate consolidation
#2002104: Improve performance of field.html.twig
8.0.x-devBug reportNormalClosed (won't fix)Performance
#2330549: move feed-icon class to feed-icon.html.twig
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (duplicate)frontend
#2264833: Convert theme_update_version to update-version.html.twig
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)
Assigned to l0ke
#2149641: using $settings['twig_debug'] = TRUE; can be problematic
8.0.x-devBug reportNormalClosed (cannot reproduce)
#2265991: Replace theme_*_form() with theme suggestion for #theme => form.
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (won't fix)NoviceTwig conversionTemplate consolidation
#2283301: Add Twig filters for drupal_html_class() and drupal_clean_id_identifier()
8.0.x-devFeature requestNormalClosed (fixed)bananaNeeds issue summary update
#1963980: Convert theme_views_ui_expose_filter_form() to Twig
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)VDCTwig conversion
#2250381: Remove the inner div wrapper from forms
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)dreammarkup
#2285451: Create addClass() and removeClass() methods on Attribute object for merging css class names.
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)frontendDX (Developer Experience)FX (Front End Experience)Needs DocumentationTCDrupal 2014
#1938970: Consolidate aggregator-summary-items.html.twig and aggregator-summary-item.html.twig
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (duplicate)theme system cleanupTemplate consolidation
#2035905: Remove theme_book_admin_table and call theme('table__book_admin') instead
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (duplicate)theme system cleanupTemplate consolidation
#1898466: update.module - Convert theme_ functions to Twig
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)Twig conversion
#2167635: Move the theme initialization into its own service.
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)theme service
#1987400: forum.module - Convert theme_ functions to Twig
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)Twig conversion
#1962846: Use field instance name for header of comment list, drop comment-wrapper template
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)DX (Developer Experience)theme system cleanup
#2310311: Fix for tablesort-indicator.html.twig image urls
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (duplicate)Quick fix
#2306081: Convert theme_update_report() to Twig template
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (duplicate)Needs manual testingTwig conversionNovice
#1987418: user.module - Convert theme_ functions to Twig
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)Twig conversionfrontend
#1987424: seven.theme - Convert theme_ functions to Twig
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)Twig conversionfrontend
#1671498: Docs of template_preprocess_html() refer to wrong hook
8.0.x-devBug reportMinorClosed (fixed)Novicedocumentation
Assigned to g3r4
#2216549: Fill in @defgroup/topic docs for Render overview
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)beta target
#1939092: Convert theme_mark() to Twig
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)Twig conversion
#1898070: file.module - Convert theme_ functions to Twig
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)Twig conversionfrontend
#2151821: Convert theme_system_config_form() to Twig
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)Twig conversion
#1898420: image.module - Convert theme_ functions to Twig
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)Core Review BonusTwig conversion
#2152219: Convert theme_input() to Twig
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)Twig conversion
#2152205: Convert theme_date() to #theme input__date
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)theme system cleanup
#2004252: node.html.twig template
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)theme system cleanupdreammarkupNeeds issue summary updatefocusStarkBartikfrontend
#1898422: language.module - Convert theme_ functions to Twig
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)Twig conversion
#2239329: Add drupal_html_class function as twig extension (classify?)
8.0.x-devFeature requestNormalClosed (duplicate)
#2282651: Remove explicit 'template' definitions in hook_theme()
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (duplicate)DX (Developer Experience)
#2278645: Directly place a block instance (or any entity) in a Twig file
8.0.x-devFeature requestNormalClosed (won't fix)
#1503464: Automatically add theme hook suggestion for node view mode
8.0.x-devFeature requestNormalClosed (fixed)needs backport to D7
#2048637: Add #type => 'attributes' and wrap in Attribute class with drupal_pre_render_attributes
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (won't fix)PerformanceDX (Developer Experience)
#1939008: Convert theme_table() to Twig
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)Twig conversion
Assigned to sun
#2151105: Convert theme_system_admin_index() to Twig
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)Twig conversion
#1842326: Merge _theme_table_cell() into theme_table()
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)theme system cleanup
Assigned to sun
#2160365: Date field required marker rendered as "Array"
8.0.x-devBug reportNormalClosed (fixed)
#2231505: Convert theme_field__node__title() to Twig
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)Twig conversion
#2226853: Variables documented in item-list.html.twig are incorrect
8.0.x-devBug reportNormalClosed (fixed)documentationNovice
#2152201: Convert theme_checkboxes() to Twig
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)Twig conversionNeeds manual testingNovice
#2152209: Convert theme_fieldset() to Twig
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)Needs manual testingNeeds profilingTwig conversion
#2216407: Remove _theme_table_cell().
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (duplicate)Needs manual testingTwig conversion
#2056879: Improve twig_* vars DOCs in settings.php and make Twig debug markup require a cache clear
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)NoviceCodeSprintCISdocumentationNeeds themer review
#2226185: Remove @ingroup themeable from core theme Twig template docblocks
8.0.x-devBug reportNormalClosed (fixed)documentationNovice
Assigned to galooph
#2219617: Remove @ingroup themeable from preprocess function docblocks
8.0.x-devBug reportNormalClosed (fixed)Novicedocumentation
Assigned to joshtaylor
#1987398: field.module - Convert theme_ functions to Twig
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)Twig conversion
#2152221: Convert theme_radios() to Twig
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)Twig conversion
#2151097: Convert theme_confirm_form() to Twig
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)Needs manual testingNeeds profilingSprintWeekend2014D8MATwig conversionNovice
#1939068: Convert theme_image() to Twig
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)Twig conversionNovice
#2226939: remove the ui markup selector from views field, use views-view-field.html.twig
8.0.x-devFeature requestNormalClosed (won't fix)Needs issue summary updatedreammarkupVDC
Assigned to euphoric_mv
#2218849: Remove unused line from twig_render_template()
8.0.x-devBug reportMinorClosed (fixed)Novice
#2151095: Convert theme_admin_page() to Twig
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)Needs manual testingTwig conversionNovice
#2151119: Convert theme_system_themes_page() to Twig
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)Twig conversion
#2152203: Convert theme_container() to Twig
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)Twig conversion
#2152211: Convert theme_form() to Twig
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)Twig conversion
#2152225: Convert theme_select() to Twig
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)Twig conversion
#2073621: Remove unneeded variables from template_preprocess_maintenance_page()
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)Quick fixtheme system cleanup
#2151107: Convert theme_system_compact_link() to Twig
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (duplicate)Twig conversion
#2151093: Convert theme_admin_block_content() to Twig
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)Twig conversionNovice
#1922304: Remove TwigReference objects in favor of a high speed implementation by using NodeVisitors more cleverly
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (duplicate)PerformanceNeeds testsNeeds DocumentationNeeds profiling
#1987406: node.module - Convert theme_ functions to Twig
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)SprintWeekend2014LonDUG_Jan2014Twig conversion
#1926344: Consolidate search-result.html.twig and search-results.html.twig
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)theme system cleanupNoviceSprintWeekend2014D8MA
#2191323: item-list.html.twig always shows empty text
8.0.x-devBug reportNormalClosed (fixed)
#1939062: Convert theme_item_list() to Twig
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)Twig conversion
#2152231: Convert theme_vertical_tabs() to Twig [small followup]
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)Quick fixSprintWeekend2014
#1939064: Convert theme_links() to Twig
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)Twig conversion
#2152207: Convert theme_details() to Twig
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)SprintWeekend2014D8MATwig conversion
#2092343: Consolidate forum.module and remove call to _theme_table_cell() within template_preprocess_forum_topic_list()
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)d8dtxtheme system cleanupTheme Component LibraryTemplate consolidation
#2152229: Convert theme_textarea() to Twig
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)
#2152213: Convert theme_form_element() to Twig
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)D8SVQSprintWeekend2014
#1898416: filter.module - Convert theme_ functions to Twig
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)Quick fix
#2176397: Drupal\Core\Template\TwigTemplate::getContextReference is final
8.0.x-devBug reportNormalClosed (fixed)NoviceQuick fix
#2151101: Convert theme_status_report() to Twig
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)Needs manual testingSprintWeekend2014D8MA
#2352829: How to pass parameters to path and url twig function
8.0.x-devSupport requestNormalClosed (fixed)menu
#2056079: Poor (fatal) handling of missing templates
8.0.x-devBug reportNormalClosed (won't fix)DX (Developer Experience)
#2557901: Template documentation cleanup after field divitis issue
8.0.x-devBug reportNormalClosed (fixed)documentationNoviceQuickfix
#2558061: Nested form tag in views forms
8.0.x-devBug reportNormalClosed (fixed)VDCQuick fix
#2558533: UID field missing data for field--name- class
8.0.x-devBug reportNormalClosed (fixed)NoviceNeeds manual testing
#2560231: Replace a class in forum-list.html.twig with a BEM class.
8.0.x-devBug reportNormalClosed (fixed)frontendCSS
#2486409: Clean up the "Search" component in Bartik
8.0.0TaskNormalClosed (fixed)csslintCSSfrontendNoviceSprintWeekend2015
#2565719: Clean up existing CSS filenames and paths in Classy
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)CSSfrontend
#2568935: Convert theme_system_modules_details() to a template
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (duplicate)Twig conversion
#2571561: Add Twig filter for date formatting
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)TX (Themer Experience)DX (Developer Experience)
#2592025: template_preprocess_field_multiple_value_form() remove nested render arrays
8.3.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)QuickfixNoviceNeeds manual testingDublin2016
#2592207: {% trans %} breaks format_date twig filter
8.0.x-devBug reportNormalClosed (duplicate)
#1220816: Add theme_list_columns()
8.2.x-devFeature requestNormalClosed (won't fix)Needs issue summary update
#2122087: Remove references to hook_init()
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)rc eligibleNovice
#2600632: Global sandbox policy should be optional in Twig Enviroment
8.0.x-devFeature requestNormalClosed (won't fix)
#2604486: Error during install (Twig unable to rename a file)
8.0.0-rc2Bug reportNormalClosed (duplicate)
#2604324: block.html.twig variable docs are incorrect
8.0.x-devBug reportNormalClosed (fixed)Novicerc eligible
#2605104: No region Variable available for the template file
8.0.x-devBug reportNormalClosed (works as designed)
#2605408: Invalid HTML markup in status-report.html.twig
8.0.x-devBug reportNormalClosed (fixed)frontendrc target
#2607548: Missing title_prefix, title_suffix, attributes available variables for aggregator twig files
8.2.x-devBug reportNormalClosed (fixed)rc eligibledocumentationNovice
#2607508: Incorrect site branding documentation in page.html.twig
8.0.x-devBug reportNormalClosed (fixed)rc eligibledocumentation
#2610344: Re-add some documentation about what you can get from the node object in node.html.twig
8.1.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)frontendTX (Themer Experience)NovicedocumentationDrupalCampES
#2614316: Variables not rendering on twig template
8.0.0-rc3Support requestNormalClosed (fixed)
#2616756: Allow instantiating Attribute objects within Twig
8.3.x-devFeature requestNormalClosed (fixed)TX (Themer Experience)NoviceDublin2016
#2618090: Twig templates need a way to specify cacheability metadata
8.2.x-devTaskNormalClosed (duplicate)D8 cacheability
#2621422: Wrong default path for page.html.twig given
8.0.x-devBug reportNormalClosed (fixed)drupalconasia2016
#2646232: Twig without filter not functioning
8.0.x-devBug reportNormalClosed (cannot reproduce)frontend
#2655622: Node Type Twig Template
8.0.x-devBug reportNormalClosed (works as designed)Twigtemplate
#2656728: Twig split in debug mode
8.0.2Bug reportNormalClosed (works as designed)
#2644718: Ensure Twig delimiters have correct inner spacing
8.1.x-devBug reportMinorClosed (fixed)frontendNoviceNeeds followup
#2706683: Don't convert twig exceptions to drupal messages
8.2.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)TX (Themer Experience)
#2705249: striptags twig filter should mark output as safe
8.2.x-devBug reportNormalClosed (works as designed)
#2724209: Twig addClass and big_pipe not compatible
8.1.1Bug reportNormalClosed (won't fix)
#2742725: Math in rewrite result in Views
8.1.2Support requestNormalClosed (duplicate)
#2744517: Twig template link() call to accept markup
8.2.x-devBug reportNormalClosed (fixed)frontend
#2766379: Add User view mode template suggestions
8.3.x-devFeature requestNormalClosed (duplicate)NoviceQuick fixdcbristol2016
#2795241: Twig debug breaks JavaScript dialogs (views ui)
8.2.x-devBug reportNormalClosed (cannot reproduce)viewsdialogJavaScriptNeeds steps to reproduce
#2795477: Twig based styles
8.3.x-devFeature requestNormalClosed (won't fix)themeCSS
#2804365: Update Twig to 1.25
8.3.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)8.3.0 release notes
#2811383: In menu.html.twig, 0 != 0
8.1.x-devBug reportNormalClosed (works as designed)
#2813099: Allow language code for twig path function
8.3.x-devFeature requestNormalClosed (duplicate)DX (Developer Experience)
#2819593: Link title double escaping in Link::preRenderLink
8.3.x-devBug reportNormalClosed (fixed)frontend
#2820739: Exception: Object of type stdClass cannot be printed.
8.2.x-devSupport requestNormalClosed (fixed)
#2821497: html.html.twig docblock typo
8.2.x-devTaskMinorClosed (fixed)
#2824377: Variables in {% trans %} in inline_template
8.2.1Bug reportNormalClosed (cannot reproduce)transinline_template
#2842399: Unable to render link with attributes twice
8.4.x-devBug reportNormalClosed (fixed)ImmutabilitySprintWeekend2017SprintWeekendBerlin
#2835804: #attributes is stripped when returning item-list within a block
8.2.x-devBug reportNormalClosed (works as designed)