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#2229355: Field template suggestions are colliding
8.3.x-devBug reportMajorActiveEntity Field APIField APIDX (Developer Experience)FX (Front End Experience)Needs issue summary update
#2160611: Provide {{ item.item.alt }} Twig syntax for getting data from $item['#item']['alt']
8.5.x-devTaskMajorActiveFX (Front End Experience)TX (Themer Experience)minor version target#drupalgoa2015
#2326097: [META] Make sure Themers have sufficient docs for D8
8.4.x-devTaskMajorNeeds workdocumentationNeeds issue summary update
#1026156: path_to_theme() isn't clear about which path it returns
8.0.x-devBug reportNormalNeeds workneeds backport to D7documentationNeeds issue summary update
#2031311: Exception message when trying to print an object without __toString() in a Twig template is not helpful
8.4.x-devBug reportNormalNeeds workTwig engineDX (Developer Experience)Drupalaton 2014
#2108771: Remove special cased title_attributes and content_attributes for Attribute creation
8.5.x-devTaskNormalActiveDX (Developer Experience)theme system cleanupNeeds change record

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#2421001: Fix regression in the link widget where help text does not show.
8.4.x-devBug reportNormalUsabilitydcoslo15accessibilityDevDaysMilan
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Other related issues

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#552478: Restrict "self-closing" tags to only void elements in drupal_pre_render_html_tag
7.x-devBug reportMajorPatch (to be ported)html5API clean-upneeds backport to D7theme system cleanup
#1332068: ENGINE_render_template() and ENGINE_extension() are undocumented
7.x-devTaskNormalPatch (to be ported)needs backport to D7documentation




#2369781: Ensure twig_debug output has needed sanitization
8.0.x-devTaskCriticalClosed (fixed)securityCriticalADay
#2280955: Fix TwigTransTest
8.0.x-devTaskCriticalClosed (fixed)
#2114563: Remove TwigReference with the help of 'without' filter replacing 'show'/'hide' functions.
8.0.x-devTaskCriticalClosed (fixed)theme system cleanupAPI changeDX (Developer Experience)
#2201781: Pass all theme hook suggestions to theme preprocess functions to allow for suggestion-specific overrides
8.0.x-devTaskCriticalClosed (duplicate)Needs testsTemplate consolidation
Assigned to Cottser
#2191101: Replace calls to theme() with drupal_render() in Views plugins
8.0.x-devTaskCriticalClosed (fixed)VDCbeta blocker
#2425707: SafeMarkup problem with theme_views_view_fields in twig template.
8.0.x-devBug reportMajorClosed (duplicate)VDCSafeMarkup
#2221535: TwigNodeVisitor's priority is too early and breaks some filters and macros
8.0.x-devTaskMajorClosed (fixed)DX (Developer Experience)Quick fix
#806982: Tables should take an optional footer variable and produce <tfoot>
TaskNormalFixedtheme system cleanupdreammarkuphtml5focusdocumentation
#2073811: Add a url generator twig extension
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)WSCCItheme system cleanupFX (Front End Experience)DX (Developer Experience)DrupalWTF
#2239945: Refactor Attribute class into one class
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (duplicate)DX (Developer Experience)Needs issue summary updateFX (Front End Experience)
#2348729: Convert theme_views_view_field to twig
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)VDCTwig conversionBarcelona2015
Assigned to catch
#2291449: Add Twig template inheritance based on the theme registry, enable adding Twig loaders
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)TX (Themer Experience)SprintWeekend2015
#2329783: Move comment classes from preprocess to templates
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)frontendbananafrontendunitedFUDKAmsterdam2014
#2325517: Add methods for adding/removing attributes (not classes) on Attribute objects
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)NoviceDrupalCamp Ghent 2014
#2229435: Clean up the way attributes are printed in field.html.twig
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)theme system cleanupFUDKEntity Field APINovice
#2318341: Views mini pager markup
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)frontenddreammarkupneeds screenshotsNoviceAmsterdam2014accessibility
#2329851: Move miscellaneous system classes from preprocess to templates
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)frontendbananaNovice
#2226207: Make 'template' the default output option for hook_theme()
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)DX (Developer Experience)API changeApproved API change
#2329901: Move form classes from preprocess to templates
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)frontendbananafrontendunitedFUDK
#2228125: 'base theme' property in theme .info.yml files does not need to be wrapped in quotes
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (fixed)DX (Developer Experience)TX (Themer Experience)focus
#2227395: field items class follow the drupal coding standards
8.0.x-devFeature requestNormalClosed (duplicate)
Assigned to galooph