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Currently in the works for Drupal 8

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To do

#2229355: Field template suggestions are colliding
8.3.x-devBug reportActivesprintEntity Field APIField APIDX (Developer Experience)FX (Front End Experience)Needs issue summary update
#2326097: [META] Make sure Themers have sufficient docs for D8
8.4.x-devTaskNeeds workdocumentationsprintNeeds issue summary update
#2160611: Provide {{ item.item.alt }} Twig syntax for getting data from $item['#item']['alt']
8.5.x-devTaskActiveFX (Front End Experience)TX (Themer Experience)minor version targetsprint#drupalgoa2015
#2472291: Make cacheCollector support cid change
8.0.x-devBug reportActiveD8 Accelerate Dev DaysD8 cacheability
#953034: [meta] Themes improperly check renderable arrays when determining visibility
8.4.x-devBug reportNeeds workmarkupNeeds profilingNeeds issue summary updateneeds backport to D7blockerTriaged D8 major
Assigned to Fabianx
#2004872: [meta] Theme system architecture changes
8.5.x-devPlanActiveAPI changeAPI clean-uptheme system cleanup
#2387069: {% extends "foo.html.twig" %} in Twig templates does not respect theme inheritance
8.5.x-devBug reportNeeds workDX (Developer Experience)TX (Themer Experience)Needs change record updatesDrupalWTF
#2489940: Views path with menu tab does not validate and results in fatal error
8.4.x-devBug reportNeeds workdocumentationVDCTriaged D8 major
#1804614: [meta] Consolidate theme functions and properly use theme suggestions in core
8.5.x-devPlanActived8dtxtheme system cleanupTheme Component LibraryTemplate consolidation
#2289511: [meta] Results of Drupalcon Austin's Consensus Banana
8.4.x-devTaskActivetheme system cleanupfrontendbanana
#2297711: Fix HTML escaping due to Twig autoescape
8.4.x-devPlanActivesecurityPerfomanceNeeds issue summary updateSafeMarkup
#2052473: Add aria-label or aria-describedby attributes to all <nav> elements
8.4.x-devFeature requestNeeds workaccessibilityariahtml5d8uxfrontendNeeds testsdcamsa11yAmsterdam2014Needs manual testing
#2002606: Allow themes to provide services.yml
8.5.x-devFeature requestNeeds worktheme system cleanupStalking CrellNeeds issue summary update
#2473861: [meta] Create tests for the logic inside themes
8.5.x-devPlanActivefrontendNeeds issue summary update
Assigned to lauriii
#2348543: [meta] Consensus Banana Phase 2, transition templates to the Classy theme
8.4.x-devTaskActivefrontendbananaNeeds issue summary update
#1969278: UI for enabling twig debugging
8.5.x-devFeature requestActiveNeeds issue summary update
#2472285: Make theme registry cache collector lazyload
8.4.x-devTaskNeeds workD8 Accelerate Dev Days
#2571065: Find escaping due to Twig autoescape
8.4.x-devTaskNeeds worksecuritySafeMarkup
#2572605: Update to Twig 2.0.0
8.5.x-devTaskNeeds work
#2579091: Make safe_join Twig filter return a Markup object
8.5.x-devTaskNeeds workblockerDevDaysSeville
#2612196: Themes should be able to alter global template variables
8.4.x-devTaskNeeds workTX (Themer Experience)DX (Developer Experience)Contributed project blocker
#2575275: {% trans %} (and other parts of templates) are unable to use URL escaping
8.4.x-devBug reportNeeds workSafeMarkupNeeds change recordD8MIlanguage-uisecurityTriaged D8 majorNeeds followup

To be committed

#2118743: Twig debug output does not display all suggestions when an array of suggestions is passed to #theme
8.4.x-devBug reportDX (Developer Experience)TX (Themer Experience)needs backport to D7Triaged D8 majorBaltimore2017DrupalCampMontréal2017Needs frontend framework manager review
Critical issue
Major issue
Current top priority

Other related issues

See all these issues also at This view of issues is automatically cached and might be out of date up to two hours at times.


#552478: Restrict "self-closing" tags to only void elements in drupal_pre_render_html_tag
7.x-devBug reportPatch (to be ported)html5API clean-upneeds backport to D7theme system cleanupsprint
#2188721: Theme suggestions don't load necessary include files
7.x-devBug reportNeeds workneeds backport to D7


#2611246: [PP-1] Document the recommended method of creating file URLs to theme assets (e.g. images)
8.5.x-devTaskPostponedDX (Developer Experience)TX (Themer Experience)


#2425707: SafeMarkup problem with theme_views_view_fields in twig template.
8.0.x-devBug reportClosed (duplicate)VDCsprintSafeMarkup
#2221535: TwigNodeVisitor's priority is too early and breaks some filters and macros
8.0.x-devTaskClosed (fixed)DX (Developer Experience)sprintQuick fix
#2297703: [meta] Refactor and remove as many SafeMarkup::set() calls as possible
8.0.x-devTaskClosed (duplicate)securityPerfomanceSafeMarkup
#939462: Specific preprocess functions for theme hook suggestions are not invoked
8.0.x-devBug reportClosed (fixed)theme system cleanupDX (Developer Experience)needs backport to D7
#2513266: Twig templates can call delete() on entities and other objects
8.0.x-devBug reportClosed (fixed)frontendSecurity improvementsrc target
#2370147: Move is_front variable to template_preprocess_page()
8.0.x-devBug reportClosed (fixed)PerformanceD8 cacheability
#1920886: drupal_render() should check if it's rendering a 'render element' and if so call drupal_render_children() (inline) instead
8.1.x-devTaskClosed (duplicate)theme system cleanupNeeds issue summary updateNeeds testsDrupalCon LA
#2416857: Add an active_theme_path twig function
8.0.x-devTaskClosed (fixed)
Assigned to evgeny.chernyavskiy
#2296885: Remove format_xml_elements()
8.0.x-devBug reportClosed (fixed)securitySafeMarkup
#2451411: Add libraries-override to themes' *.info.yml
8.0.x-devTaskClosed (fixed)frontendCSSTX (Themer Experience)DX (Developer Experience)SrijanSprintNightNeeds manual testing
#2168231: Twig Functions needed in templates
8.1.x-devPlanClosed (duplicate)TX (Themer Experience)DX (Developer Experience)
#2540870: Improve the |safe_join Twig to be inline with twig_join_filter()
8.0.x-devBug reportClosed (fixed)Contributed project blockerrc target
#2151113: Convert theme_system_modules_uninstall() to Twig
8.0.x-devTaskClosed (fixed)Needs manual testingSprintWeekend2014D8MATwig conversionBarcelona2015
#2497667: Add libraries-extend to themes' *.info.yml
8.0.x-devTaskClosed (fixed)frontendCSSTX (Themer Experience)DX (Developer Experience)front-end performanceBigPiperc deadlineminor version target
#2151109: Convert theme_system_modules_details() to Twig
8.0.x-devTaskClosed (fixed)Twig conversionBarcelona2015blocker
#2348747: Convert theme_views_view_fields() to 100% Twig: remove the theme function
8.0.x-devTaskClosed (fixed)VDCDrupalCamp Ghent 2014SprintWeekend2015Twig conversiondcuacs2015
#2295823: Ensure that we don't store excessive lists of safe strings
8.0.x-devPlanClosed (duplicate)securityPerfomanceNeeds profilingSafeMarkup
#2529748: Regression: Views module CSS is not attached
8.0.x-devBug reportClosed (fixed)VDC
#2052253: [META] Add #render property to drupal_render() and convert #type "#pre_render -> #markup" calls to use it
8.0.x-devTaskClosed (duplicate)drupal renderBackwards compatible API changetheme system cleanup
#2512306: Inline errors not shown for details elements
8.0.x-devBug reportClosed (fixed)DUGBE0609
#2005546: Use branding block in place of page template branding variables (site name, slogan, site logo)
8.0.x-devTaskClosed (fixed)D8 cacheabilityclassyCSSTX (Themer Experience)
Assigned to webchick
#2502089: Remove SafeMarkup::set() in template_preprocess_views_view_table()
8.0.x-devTaskClosed (fixed)SafeMarkupD8 AccelerateVDC
Assigned to MauPalantir
#2363423: views-view-fields.html.twig gets escaped
8.0.x-devBug reportClosed (fixed)SafeMarkup
#2501971: Remove SafeMarkup::set in FieldStorageConfigListBuilder
8.0.x-devTaskClosed (fixed)SafeMarkupD8 Accelerate
#2296929: Remove system_requirements() SafeMarkup::set() use
8.0.x-devTaskClosed (fixed)securityPerfomanceSafeMarkupdrupalgoa2015LosAngeles2015D8MID8 Accelerate
#2551725: Remove system_requirements() SafeMarkup::set() use with 'value' key
8.0.x-devTaskClosed (fixed)securityPerfomanceSafeMarkupdrupalgoa2015LosAngeles2015D8MID8 Accelerate
#2501937: Remove SafeMarkup::set in ViewsUIController::reportFields()
8.0.x-devTaskClosed (fixed)SafeMarkupD8 AccelerateVDC
#2550965: Remove SafeMarkup::set() in ValidationTest::assertErrorMessages()
8.0.x-devTaskClosed (fixed)SafeMarkupD8 Accelerate
#2488304: Add more docs that translate() also marks strings as safe
8.0.x-devTaskClosed (fixed)D8MISafeMarkupD8 Accelerate
Assigned to Mariano
#1211866: Enable ENT_SUBSTITUTE flag in Html::escape
8.0.x-devTaskClosed (fixed)PHP 5.4DX (Developer Experience)
#2501697: Remove SafeMarkup::set in rdf_preprocess_comment()
8.0.x-devTaskClosed (fixed)SafeMarkupD8 AccelerateD8 Accelerate LondonRDF
#2501757: Remove SafeMarkup::set in NodeSearch::prepareResults()
8.0.x-devTaskClosed (fixed)D8 AccelerateSafeMarkupDrupalNorth2015
#2501683: Remove SafeMarkup::set in _update_message_text()
8.0.x-devTaskClosed (fixed)SafeMarkupD8 Accelerate
#1885564: (authorize.php) - Convert theme_ functions to Twig
8.0.x-devBug reportClosed (fixed)Twig conversionfrontend
#2501835: Remove SafeMarkup::set in Drupal\Core\Database\Install\Tasks::runTasks() and ensure multiple messages are printed
8.0.x-devBug reportClosed (fixed)SafeMarkupD8 AccelerateNeeds subsystem maintainer review
#2501737: Remove SafeMarkup::set in theme_system_modules_details()
8.0.x-devTaskClosed (fixed)SafeMarkupD8 Accelerate
#2502781: Remove SafeMarkup::set in template_preprocess_file_widget_multiple()
8.0.x-devTaskClosed (fixed)SafeMarkupD8 AccelerateVDC
#2550991: Remove or document SafeMarkup::set in ViewListBuilder::buildRow()
8.0.x-devTaskClosed (duplicate)SafeMarkupD8 Accelerate
#2512106: Inline templates are XSS filtered incorrectly
8.0.x-devBug reportClosed (fixed)JavaScriptSafeMarkup
#2505679: Remove SafeMarkup::set in FieldPluginBase::advancedRender()
8.0.x-devTaskClosed (duplicate)SafeMarkupD8 AccelerateVDC
#2502009: Remove SafeMarkup::set in SearchExtraTypeSearch::execute()
8.0.x-devTaskClosed (fixed)SafeMarkupD8 Accelerate
#2501745: Remove or document SafeMarkup::set in theme()
8.0.x-devTaskClosed (duplicate)SafeMarkupD8 Accelerate
#2502561: Remove SafeMarkup::set in StylePluginBase::renderFields
8.0.x-devTaskClosed (duplicate)SafeMarkupD8 AccelerateVDC
#2501701: Remove SafeMarkup::set in template_preprocess_color_scheme_form()
8.0.x-devTaskClosed (fixed)SafeMarkupD8 AccelerateDrupalNorth2015D8 Accelerate London
#2501823: Document SafeMarkup::set in FormCache::loadCachedFormState
8.0.x-devTaskClosed (fixed)SafeMarkupD8 Accelerate
#2501639: Remove SafeMarkup::set in drupal_check_module()
8.0.x-devTaskClosed (fixed)SafeMarkupD8 AccelerateD8MIlanguage-ui
#2505469: Remove drupal_render() calls from template_preprocess_table()
8.0.x-devTaskClosed (fixed)@deprecatedDX (Developer Experience)SafeMarkupD8 Accelerate
#2501441: Document SafeMarkup::set in AllowedTagsXssTrait::fieldFilterXss
8.0.x-devTaskClosed (fixed)SafeMarkupD8 AccelerateNeeds followup
#2501933: Remove dead code in ViewUI::getDefaultAJAXMessage()
8.0.x-devTaskClosed (fixed)SafeMarkupD8 AccelerateVDC
#2501947: Remove SafeMarkup::set in ViewUI::renderPreview()
8.0.x-devTaskClosed (fixed)SafeMarkupD8 AccelerateVDC
#2501749: Remove SafeMarkup::set in SimpletestResultsForm.php
8.0.x-devTaskClosed (fixed)SafeMarkupD8 Accelerate
#2502095: Remove SafeMarkup::set in template_preprocess_views_ui_view_info()
8.0.x-devTaskClosed (fixed)SafeMarkupD8 AccelerateVDC
#2501403: Document SafeMarkup::set in Xss::filter
8.0.x-devTaskClosed (fixed)SafeMarkupD8 Accelerate
#2501447: Document SafeMarkup::setMultiple in _batch_page()
8.0.x-devTaskClosed (fixed)SafeMarkupD8 Accelerate
#2501747: Remove SafeMarkup::set in search_excerpt
8.0.x-devTaskClosed (fixed)SafeMarkupD8 Accelerate
#2501451: Document SafeMarkup::set in drupal_get_messages()
8.0.x-devTaskClosed (fixed)SafeMarkupD8 Accelerate
#2501667: Remove SafeMarkup::set in __toString() in Attribute class
8.0.x-devTaskClosed (duplicate)SafeMarkupD8 Accelerate
Assigned to cwells
#2502035: Document SafeMarkup::set() in testGenerateWithHtml()
8.0.x-devTaskClosed (duplicate)SafeMarkupD8 Accelerate
#2416831: Add an active_theme twig function
8.0.x-devTaskClosed (fixed)Novice
#2369987: Remove SafeMarkup::set() from 'head' title on template_preprocess_html
8.0.x-devTaskClosed (fixed)securityPerfomanceSafeMarkup
#2501753: Remove or document SafeMarkup::set in search_excerpt
8.0.x-devTaskClosed (duplicate)SafeMarkupD8 Accelerate
Assigned to cwells
#2191115: Clean up stale references to theme('foo') in documentation
8.0.x-devTaskClosed (fixed)drupaldevdays
Assigned to JacobSanford
#2451607: Remove call to SafeMarkup::set() from node_requirements()
8.0.x-devBug reportClosed (fixed)SafeMarkup#drupalgoa2015
Assigned to aneek
#2050269: hook_library_info_alter() is not called for themes
8.0.x-devBug reportClosed (fixed)TX (Themer Experience)blockerD8 Accelerate Dev Days
#2345779: Fix double-escaping due to Twig autoescape in dblog event "operations"
8.0.x-devBug reportClosed (fixed)NoviceAmsterdam2014SafeMarkupSprintWeekend2015DrupalSouthdrupaldevdays
#2447829: Add "menu" classes back to menu.html.twig for toolbar functionality
8.0.x-devBug reportClosed (fixed)frontendbananaQuick fix
#2369981: Not found templates are displayed literally instead of throwing an Exception due to string loader
8.0.x-devBug reportClosed (fixed)DX (Developer Experience)TX (Themer Experience)
#2383413: Remove file_exists() when registering namespaces for Twig template paths
8.0.x-devTaskClosed (fixed)NovicePerformance
Assigned to catch
#2417733: Drupal 8 breaks Twig's round filter.
8.0.x-devBug reportClosed (fixed)Autoescape
#2422039: Double escaping in search result info
8.0.x-devBug reportClosed (fixed)SafeMarkup
#2226493: Apply formatters and widgets to Node base fields
8.0.x-devTaskClosed (fixed)Field APISparkEntity Field APIbeta targetRDF code sprintDrupalaton 2014
Assigned to yched
#1938920: Convert node_search_admin theme tables to table #type
8.0.x-devTaskClosed (fixed)TCDrupal 2014accessibility
#2324371: Fix common HTML escaped render #key values due to Twig autoescape
8.0.x-devBug reportClosed (fixed)securityPerfomanceAmsterdam2014SafeMarkup
#1818266: [meta] A secure theme system (with twig)
8.0.x-devTaskClosed (fixed)Security improvements
Assigned to Fabianx
#2260059: Title in template_preprocess_item_list() is typecasted as string
8.0.x-devBug reportClosed (fixed)theme system cleanup
#2289999: Add an easy way to create HTML on the fly without having to create a theme function / template
8.0.x-devTaskClosed (fixed)AutoescapeTX (Themer Experience)frontendDX (Developer Experience)
#2272279: Kill RenderWrapper class
8.0.x-devTaskClosed (fixed)DX (Developer Experience)securityWSCCI
Assigned to catch
#2106797: Create a Twig function for route discoverability
8.0.x-devTaskClosed (won't fix)blockedMenuSystemRevampWSCCItheme system cleanupFX (Front End Experience)
#2550985: Remove SafeMarkup::set in _batch_test_finished_helper()
8.0.x-devTaskClosed (fixed)SafeMarkupD8 Accelerate
#2505931: Remove SafeMarkup::set in ViewListBuilder
8.0.x-devTaskClosed (fixed)SafeMarkupD8 AccelerateCSS
#2555243: Upgrade path / plan to Twig 2.x aka 2.0
8.0.x-devPlanClosed (duplicate)review before release candidaterc target
#2560553: Views render pipeline is escaping CustomBooleanTest
8.0.x-devBug reportClosed (fixed)VDCSafeMarkupblocker
#1938912: Convert language content setting table theme to a twig template
8.0.x-devTaskClosed (fixed)Twig conversionrc target
#2581443: Make Classy extend from the new Stable base theme
8.0.x-devBug reportClosed (fixed)rc target
#2592573: The :placeholder translation placeholder type not supported in Twig
8.0.x-devBug reportClosed (duplicate)D8MIlanguage-ui
#2600228: Mark \Drupal\Core\Theme\Registry internal
8.1.x-devTaskClosed (fixed)rc eligible
#2603074: Remove |raw from use in core templates
8.2.x-devTaskClosed (fixed)security
#2606772: Long Twig cache directories can cause failures on some filesystems
8.4.x-devBug reportClosed (fixed)WindowsTriaged D8 majorDrupalCampNJ20178.3.0 release notes
#2609110: Update Twig to 1.23.1
8.0.x-devTaskClosed (fixed)rc eligible
#2610436: Twig templates incorrectly use % trans % with arbitrary filters
8.2.x-devBug reportClosed (fixed)D8MIlanguage-uiTriaged D8 major
#2623708: Whitelist instances instead of specific classes in Twig sandbox policy
8.0.x-devBug reportClosed (fixed)TX (Themer Experience)DX (Developer Experience)Contributed project blocker
#2642050: Depended libraries are not added to drupalSettings libraries array
8.1.x-devBug reportClosed (works as designed)frontendCSSTX (Themer Experience)DX (Developer Experience)
#2721351: Upgrade to Twig 1.24
8.2.x-devBug reportClosed (fixed)8.2.0 release notes
#2830596: MTimeProtectedFastFileStorage::getFullPath() creates really long filenames unnecessarily
8.3.x-devBug reportClosed (fixed)WindowsNeeds manual testingneeds security review
Assigned to catch
#2846899: No template comments in output when debug is true
8.2.5Bug reportClosed (works as designed)
#2854604: PHP Fatal error: Nesting level too deep
8.2.4Bug reportClosed (works as designed)