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To do

#2052473: Add aria-label or aria-describedby attributes to all <nav> elements
8.4.x-devFeature requestMajorNeeds workaccessibilityariahtml5d8uxfrontenddcamsa11yAmsterdam2014Needs manual testing
#1338858: Include theme print stylesheets in Book printer friendly export
8.4.x-devBug reportNormalNeeds workneeds backport to D7CSSprint.css
#1849712: Add theming template and prepare logic for rendering icons
8.5.x-devFeature requestNormalActiveUsabilityDrupal core hooksaccessibilityiconscoding standardsWeb Design Standards
Assigned to markcarver
#2318757: Make position of #description configurable via the API for form field widgets
8.5.x-devTaskNormalActiveUsabilityaccessibilityAPI additionSprintWeekend2014D8SVQfrontendTCDrupal 2014
#2505499: Explicitly support render arrays in hook_requirements()
8.5.x-devTaskNormalNeeds workSafeMarkupNeeds change record
#2512672: Add secure debug output to twig trans extension
#2560467: Inline Errors not shown for container elements
8.5.x-devBug reportNormalNeeds workDevDaysMilanuxuser experienceaccessibilitygovcon2016
#54898: Add a description-list.html.twig template (ex. definition list)
8.5.x-devTaskNormalNeeds workd8dtxtheme system cleanup

To review

#2497115: ajax_page_state is not taken into account for normal GET requests
8.0.x-devBug reportMajorNovicephp-novice
Assigned to Fabianx
#674108: ThemeManager::theme() does not trigger an error when a theme hook is not found
8.5.x-devBug reportNormalDX (Developer Experience)Testing systemTX (Themer Experience)
#2642046: libraries-override does not update drupalSettings libraries array
8.4.x-devBug reportNormalfrontendCSSTX (Themer Experience)DX (Developer Experience)

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Major issue
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Other related issues

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#2201781: Pass all theme hook suggestions to theme preprocess functions to allow for suggestion-specific overrides
8.0.x-devTaskCriticalClosed (duplicate)sprintTemplate consolidation
Assigned to Cottser
#1920886: drupal_render() should check if it's rendering a 'render element' and if so call drupal_render_children() (inline) instead
8.1.x-devTaskMajorClosed (duplicate)theme system cleanupNeeds issue summary updateDrupalCon LA
#1922304: Remove TwigReference objects in favor of a high speed implementation by using NodeVisitors more cleverly
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (duplicate)PerformanceNeeds DocumentationNeeds profiling
#2493945: Views filters dragging in the grouping view is broken
8.2.x-devBug reportNormalClosed (duplicate)JavaScriptVDC
#2525732: Add theme hooks to twig debug
8.0.x-devTaskNormalClosed (duplicate)DX (Developer Experience)TX (Themer Experience)Needs issue summary updateNeeds beta evaluation