High-Roller Incentive

The high roller bonus is, as its name implies, a substantial incentive for players to make significant wagers. Obviously, this only includes a small percentage of participants, but it does give an opportunity for those looking to make a sizable investment right away.

High Roller bonuses are often only available on the very first deposit. It’s more significant than the welcome bonus, but you’ll still need to make a deposit to qualify—typically at least 1,000 Euros.


While not all players can first deposit this sum, many go on to do so in successive installments.

That’s why our site is useful to you — it can do your choices and, thus, increase immediately your winning possibilities before you even start your regular practice at an online casino, saving you time and money in the process.


Extra Payout for Big Spenders This is not the same criteria in all cases. The bonus sum is usually required to be played through fewer than twenty times.


If you make use of this offer, you will also accumulate points toward a higher VIP bonus ranking.


Finally, we’d want to stress that the high roller bonus is not a free lunch. Keep an eye out for games that aren’t counted toward the stakes or challenges needed to gain access to your funds for withdrawal.

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