Discover other worlds while playing the brand-new slot machine, Space Spins.

Launch of Space Spins Successfully Completed

A new online slot game called Space Spins offers players a satirical opportunity to go across space, meet strange beings, and potentially walk away with a large sum of money all at the same time. This is a game that was developed by Electric Elephant Games for Microgaming, and it is one that will appeal to both dedicated slot enthusiasts as well as casual gamers. It features a medium volatility, which strikes a perfect balance between massive payouts and regular wins, and the bold, cartoon-style sci-fi theme takes Space Spins to places that no slot machine has gone before…

This Happy-Go-Lucky Game is a Lot of Fun!

There are 40 pay lines available in this five-by-five video slot machine. The five reels are set against a cartoonish background of an interstellar landscape, on which there always appears to be at least one or two extraterrestrials keeping a watchful check on your performance. Although the extraterrestrials in this location may not give off the impression of being the most intelligent beings, they more than make up for it in terms of fun, so you can rest assured that you will love being in their company.

The standard playing card ranks are represented on the reels of this game, with other symbols such as rocket ships, planets, an astronaut, aliens, and more. The illustration of all of these game symbols and the surrounding imagery is done in a manner that is vivid, hilarious, and full of color. In a similar vein, the sound effects will do just as much to put a grin on your face as the pictures will, which means that this is definitely a feel-good game that has the potential to improve your mood as you spend more time with it.

There are three different kinds of expanding wilds, as well as free spins.

The slot game Space Spins features not one, not two, but three distinct sorts of wild symbols that expand as the game progresses. The first of these is the Rocket, which will expand vertically to the top of the reel, the second of these is the Shooting Star, which will expand horizontally to the right extremity of the row, and the third of these is the Sunburst, which will expand to the symbols that are directly adjacent to it. The second, third, and fourth reels are the only ones to include these expanding wild symbols.

Free Spin symbols will appear on the first, third, and fifth reels of the slot machine during your interplanetary journeys, so you may anticipate coming across some free spins along the way. If you are successful in getting all three of these symbols to appear at the same moment on the screen, you will be rewarded with eight free spins, and any expanding wild symbols that appear during this phase of the game will remain in place.

Communications That Are Being Received

“Space Spins delivers an exhilarating game play experience and is packed with entertaining game mechanics and vibrant visuals,” stated Ali Masterman, who is the Chief Executive Officer at Electric Elephant Games. “Set in the dark depths of space, Space Spins delivers an exhilarating game play experience,” “We are proud to partner with Microgaming and look forward to providing them with many more exclusive games in the coming months.”

Jean-Luc Ferriere, Chief Commercial Officer at Microgaming, shared the same level of excitement with this release. “We are thrilled to be partnering with Electric Elephant Games and are confident that this relationship will enable us to further enhance the gaming experience of our operators’ players across all markets” , stated the executive. “With the launch of Space Spins, Electric Elephant Games will broaden our range with new and innovative content.”

Put Yourself on the Path to a Joyful Planet in Space!

Space Spins is a lively video game that is a lot of fun to play and provides a lot of entertainment. You shouldn’t just take our word for that, of course; you should do your own research. You may try out the game for yourself at Rizk Casino; just make sure to greet the extraterrestrials there on our behalf.

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